I am a parent who has

Autism Support for Parents

I need help to shift my approach to support me and my child's extra needs

Parenting a child with extra needs requires a different approach...

Entering parenthood, we have loads of expectations and preconceived ideas about what family life would be like. 

When you realise that your child has extra needs to help them to thrive in life, it can be challenging for a parent to adapt to. 

Understanding exactly what the child's needs are, organising support or therapies, adjusting to behavioural differences in social contexts, managing your own emotions while dealing with some of the challenges you are faced with, can very quickly cause overwhelm in a parent. 

Parents are often on a roller coaster ride, swinging between adoration over their child's unique quirkiness, and pulling their hair out during the tough days. 

Many parenting programs catering for extra needs, only focus on the child's behaviour, but at the PSC, we are always working on integrating three approaches:

  • Helping the parent with their own emotions
  • Helping the parent to understand and help their child with their emotions and emotional regulation 
  • And lastly, helping the parent to work WITH the child on behavioural challenges, but only ever after we understand the function of the behaviour and why it makes sense for your child to be behaving that way. 

Our approach is child-centred and respectful to both parents and their children with absolutely no judgement.   Find out about our 9-week Autism Parental Stress Relief Program below for more information. 

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Our Happy Parents

This is the third, possibly fourth time I have enjoyed the start of the program. I tend to get a little further each time. Our daughter experienced significant early childhood trauma and I am finding the material equally beneficial when dealing with her emotions as I am our son with ASD/ADHD. Next week we are welcoming a 15 month old into the house. We couldn’t have done it this time last year but course by course our house has become so much more happier and functional.


This course has guided me to a better understanding of my emotions when dealing with my kids, not only my son who is nonverbal and on the spectrum but also helped me dealing with my neurotypical daughter



This is by far one of the best programs I have ever been a part of. It is information rich and has very practical activities to help. It is easy to follow and if you do the activities you will see huge changes in both yourself and your child.


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