Welcome to PSC

The Parental Stress Centre is an organisation like you have never seen before and one that is sorely needed in the parenting community. We are designed specifically to help you understand and deal with yours and your child’s stress at a grass roots level. Behind every decision or action you, your child or your partner take, is your thought process – what we call your brain’s evaluation process.

One very important step further

While traditional parenting sites focus on following practical techniques addressing the behaviour itself, The Parental Stress Centre goes one very important step further by teaching you how to manage the thinking behind the behaviour first.

Our approach is one of education, practical techniques and self-empowerment. How you and your child think about life causes how both of you feel and behave. Change your thinking and you’ll change your behaviour and the emotions felt.

Using a hub of resources created by founder Jackie Hall, you will learn how to understand the mindset and underlying behaviour for how you can change or work with that thinking to overcome the challenges you face in life, both as a parent and as a person.

In essence we want to help you to help yourself.  We want you to feel confident about what to do in any challenging situation. We want to help you reduce your stress and feel better about yourself as a parent and personally too.

We aim to educate parents on how to be self-reliant but to also know when to ask for help.

What we do is not therapy and we are not trying to replace traditional therapy, for there is always value in being able to meet with someone face to face and receive ongoing support and encouragement.

Our focus is primarily on helping you understand the connection between thinking and feeling and how to apply specific tools for changing this thinking and thus reducing your stress and the intensity of your emotions. We teach you how to do this for yourself and for your child.

Important notes about the PSC:

We will never make you feel guilty for the way you parent, any of your behaviours or make you feel like there is something wrong with your child - no judgement here on being a ‘good’ or ‘bad’ parent.

But we will show you how to understand where the behaviour you don’t like about yourself comes from, and how to change.  We will also help you to assist your child with their behaviour too.

We will NOT teach you more of the same traditional child behaviour management techniques you’ve been trying for years.

But we will show you a deeper approach to, first understanding the thinking behind your child’s behaviour, and secondly, how to change that thinking to be a healthy and happier understanding of life.  This will automatically improve your child’s behaviour and give you a foundation that will assist you in applying those traditional techniques more effectively.

We do not deal with any spiritual, esoteric or religious themes.

But we will teach you reality based information that can be used in conjunction with your spiritual beliefs and in a way that any faith or belief system can relate to. 

Who can receive our help

Anyone who is willing to learn and change.  It is important to understand that we provide information and tools that show you how, but you will be the one who will need to apply the information.  

Information + application = Experiential understanding, necessary for long term changes.

It is our aim to be able to educate every parent looking for information without discriminating against any gender, age or financial demographic. We have something for everyone.

Our services include:


Our Resources

We have created ebooks and hard copy books to give you an affordable way to learn the PSC concepts and lessons. 

We also run more in depth courses that provide more personalised support and an experiential approach to what we teach.