I'm a parent of a toddler aged

2-4 Years

I love being a parent, but something is missing...find and build strong connections with yourself and your children.

Do you love the toddler years one minute, resent it the next, and feel completely overwhelmed and exhausted?

"I threw a loaf of bread across the room and slammed a nearby knife on the bench so hard that it bounced off and narrowly missed my toddler's head....

I screamed, “I HATE MY LIFE” and ran out of the kitchen, crying uncontrollably… all with my 6-month-old on my hip."

Excerpt from Jackie Hall from The Happy Mum Handbook

Raising toddlers and pre-schoolers can be tough.  Many parents feel like they’re on autopilot, lost in a sea of chores, tantrums and monotony. 

“I feel like I have no life.  I feel like everyone’s slave. I’m irrational, anxious and depressed.  I’m happy one minute, and then the next I’m flying off the handle and falling apart in tears.  I hate myself for acting this way. I’ve become EVERYTHING I swore I would never be”  says mum, Jenny.

Parents often feel alone in their feelings too, believing that every other parent has it all together and that there is something wrong with them.

But nothing could be further from the truth.

If you’re feeling this way, please find out more about our 28-day Find My Calm Within The Chaos Program. We can help you to enjoy the early years the way you intended to.  

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Upcoming Courses & Programs

28 Day Challenge
For parents raising babies and toddlers.
Want to stop the cycle of loving motherhood one minute, resenting it the next, and feeling completely overwhelmed? You're not alone, and it doesn't have to be this way.

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9 Week Program
To help you understand and overcome stress, depression and overwhelm in parenting (for parents of children of any age). Discover how to be a happier, more confident mum and raise children with high self-esteem and willingness to co-operate.

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28 Day Challenge
How to stop anger, impatience and frustration from dominating your relationship with your children! Do you end your days feeling guilty and ashamed for yelling, smacking, over-reacting or being mean to your children? Are you ready to stop beating yourself up over getting angry every day and take action to change?

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Our Happy Parents

Karen Snaith Testimonial

Completing a course with the PSC was the best parenting decision I have ever made. Jackie offers her full support during the program and beyond. I have so much gratitude for Jackie and her incredible team at PSC – it’s changed our lives!

Katie Fiatarone Testimonial

The PSC has brought something to my family’s life that I can’t even begin to explain. There is no thankyou in the world big enough to say how grateful I am to Jackie and her team. The PSC’s advice and strategies are realistic and their ongoing support is invaluable. Jackie’s programs have been a real game changer for me! Thanks PSC!

Fiona Schenkel Testimonial

Thanks so much Jackie. This has been transformational! I’ve really enjoyed your realistic, down to earth approach and candid videos, you deliver all this info in a way that people can really relate to. My mind has been blown repeatedly. I’m proud of the change I can feel in myself, and excited for the changes I can begin to see in my kids (and my husband)! Well done for creating such an amazing program. I truly believe you are doing such a wonderful thing for parents of future generations!!

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