Change your thinking. It only takes a moment

When you exercise there are many times when you need to push yourself to actually do it, or to break your personal best and get fitter, faster or stronger.

You are sitting around on the couch watching that TV show, or laying in bed thinking of all the reasons why you should just stay there, or you are right in the middle of your workout, just about to give up, when your inner personal trainer pipes up and screams, "YOU CAN DO THIS! JUST 5 MORE MINUTES AND YOU'RE DONE"

All of a sudden you dig deep. You get up and and you JFDI ("Just freaking do it")!

Well the same applies with your emotions.

The reason why we feel the way we do is a direct result of how we think. We think the way we do, only because of our habits. Those habits of thinking have been created through repetition and consistency over time, just like your bad eating habits, or your fitness levels (or perhaps lack thereof).

The only way to change something, is to change it.

But you've got to dig deep. You've got to stay consistent and repetitive with perceiving life in a positive manner.

Just like exercising, you've got to overcome those excuses and seemingly perfect justifications for why life isn't going right for you and you've got to keep charging towards your goals and finding solutions to how to get them.

It doesn't matter what age the kids are at, what support you have (or don't have), how much money you have or what your circumstances are. There is ALWAYS a way to pursue what you want in this life and our mindset is the first place to start when trying to achieve these things.

All you need to do is push yourself to find a different perspective.

  1. Find the value in the unwanted event instead of what you're missing out on.
  2. See how this event is linked to a bigger picture.
  3. See this how this event is a necessary part of yours or your child's development.
  4. USE this unwanted event as a platform to educate yourself on how to shape or change your life
  5. Learn something from it that takes you closer to your goal.

Whenever your mind pipes up with excuses, you've got to stay vigilent about recognising your negative self-talk and bring out your inner mindset PT and JFDI - get up, do something that gets you closer to your goals and put those excuses to rest because...


That's all it takes (if that) to change your mindset in each moment and if you do that over and over again, over many different moments, all of a sudden you realise that you are doing habit!

You've just got to keep pushing yourself to do it and your 'training' will produce positive results. Over time, you will realise that you are mentally fitter than you've ever been and a lot happier too.

Need help to change that mindset? Check out our programs page for loads of different products that can teach you not to get sucked into that negative headspace that makes you stressed or anxious.

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