I am a parent struggling with

Marital Conflict

When Mum and Dad are NOT parenting on the same page, or connecting 'like we used to'

The I'll hurt you, because you hurt me cycle. 

With all the challenges that parenting brings, one of the hardest challenges parents face is staying connected and aligned with each other when things get tough. 

Financial challenges, behavioural challenges, differences in parenting styles, deciding whether the roles you both play are fair or not, and whether you feel supported or appreciated by your partner are just some of the topics that can trigger conflict in marital relationships. 

If a couple hasn't learnt how to communicate, negotiate, compromise or resolve conflict, then very easily the relationship turns to a 'I'll hurt you because you hurt me" dynamic.   

Blame, criticism, resentment, defensiveness and withdrawal start to become the norm, and over the years, becomes more and more difficult to close the rift that starts to form. 

To reconnect, couples must understand how both theirs and their partners beliefs and actions contributed to the current relationship dynamic and what is needed to move in the direction of change. 

The PSC helps parents to get to the heart of their marital issues and learn practical, communication skills that will help their partner to listen and begin to work as a team. 

Take a look at our 6-week Truce program for more information about how to do this.

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Upcoming Courses & Programs

6 Week Program
For parents who want to help to improve their marital relationship, in the context of raising children. Are you happy for your kids to be learning the same conflict resolution skills that you and your partner model? Would you want your child’s husband or wife to talk to them the way you and your partner talk to each other? Bring back the love, connection and alignment.

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Our Happy Parents

Kylie Mate Testimonial

Jackie Hall and the Parental Stress Centre have been such a blessing to me and changed my life. Her programs are relevant, the support is amazing not only through the courses but afterwards also. She genuinely cares about the people enrolled and her passion is contagious. I’m so grateful for Jackie Hall and the Parental Stress Centre. I think everyone could learn something from Jackie and what she’s teaching. Thank you Jackie for helping me to change my life.

Katie Fiatarone Testimonial

The PSC has brought something to my family’s life that I can’t even begin to explain. There is no thankyou in the world big enough to say how grateful I am to Jackie and her team. The PSC’s advice and strategies are realistic and their ongoing support is invaluable. Jackie’s programs have been a real game changer for me! Thanks PSC!

Katerina Estrella Testimonial

With the roadmap Jackie has given me, I feel equipped to appropriately address whatever gets thrown my way. The tools Jackie shares have been priceless and are grounded in sound science. I would highly recommend this program to any parent wishing for deeper connection with and understanding of their child and a smoother, more joy-filled existence.

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