6-week (self paced) Program

Sibling Rivalry Relief

A parent's manual to preventing and resolving conflict

What to do when the kids are constantly fighting, you are going crazy and you've had enough of everyone telling you "Don't worry. It's NORMAL."

 Sibling Rivalry Relief Program

So what are you supposed to do?   Just accept the reality that the kids are annoying each other, fighting, hurting each other, saying mean things and driving you around the twist in the process?

It's not just dealing with the actual arguments and fighting, is it?  There's so much more to contend with...

There's the relationship you have with each child and the family dynamic you worry about. 

Firstly, there's the troublemaker or the bully child that even you are getting triggered by.  You know that calling them out is only going to make things worse, but you feel compelled to stand up for the other child.

Or you feel reactive towards the over-sensitive child that you know is being too precious and probably needs to 'toughen up'.  

How are you meant to deal with all these different dynamics and stay neutral?  How are you meant to stay calm and teach you kids to resolve conflict?

What I'll learn

Gain confidence with 'what to do' when the kids are fighting.  When to step in and when to let go.

Learn how to stay calm and non-reactive when the kids fight.

How to teach your kids to fight fair and communicate, negotiate and compromise.

Understand how their brain development will influence their interactions and what you can do about it.

Learn the psychology behind why the kids are fighting and what they're trying to communicate to you.

Set up a family that knows how to resolve conflict amicably without it escalating.

Featured in:

Total time commitment is 10 mins per day plus  30 mins per week for videos.

  • 18 x 30 minute videos to teach you everything you need to know to create harmony within your household.
  • A workbook at the end of each lesson to help you put into practice what you have learned.
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Our Happy Parents

Fiona Schenkel Testimonial

Thanks so much Jackie. This has been transformational! I’ve really enjoyed your realistic, down to earth approach and candid videos, you deliver all this info in a way that people can really relate to. My mind has been blown repeatedly. I’m proud of the change I can feel in myself, and excited for the changes I can begin to see in my kids (and my husband)! Well done for creating such an amazing program. I truly believe you are doing such a wonderful thing for parents of future generations!!

Katerina Estrella Testimonial

With the roadmap Jackie has given me, I feel equipped to appropriately address whatever gets thrown my way. The tools Jackie shares have been priceless and are grounded in sound science. I would highly recommend this program to any parent wishing for deeper connection with and understanding of their child and a smoother, more joy-filled existence.

Nicole Lehmann

When I had my second child I went to a dark place that I could not get myself out of. I knew I did not want to feel this way and had to do something. I thought I was failing in every aspect of my life and was just completely hopeless. Having completed the Postnatal depression & anxiety course i can say my life has been completely turned around. I have learnt to love & respect myself & to embrace every challenge in life. I am so much more understanding & compassionate towards others now. Iv learnt that my life will have ups & downs but I have the personal strength & knowledge to get through any experience.

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The Course Creator

Jackie Hall

  • Dip. Counselling, with specialised skills in CBT for Anxiety and Depression.
  • 11 years of Trauma Counselling experience including EMDR (for PTSD, anxiety and depression).
  • Residential Youth Carer executing Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Training for Challenging child behaviours, Solution-Focussed Therapy and Trauma-informed approaches.  
  • Qualified 'Circle of Security' practitioner.

Jackie is a Qualified and Accredited counsellor, author, mother, keynote speaker, course facilitator and founder of the Parental Stress Centre.

She began her journey back in 2007 when she found herself the mother of two, suffering from postnatal depression and anxiety. During a particularly angry outburst that resulted in a knife catapulting across the room and almost hitting her then two year old son, Jackie received her wake up call (full story told in The Happy Mum Handbook).

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6 Week Sibling Rivalry Program 

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  • 18 x 30 minute videos to teach you everything you need to know to create harmony within your household.
  • A workbook at the end of each lesson to help you put into practice what you have learned.

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- 28 Day Make My Child Listen Program                            - 28 Day Tame Your Temper Parenting Challenge
- 28 Day Awakening The Peaceful Parent Within
- 6 Week Truce Program (for Marital R'ships)
- 6 Week Sibling Rivalry Relief Program
- 9 Week Happy Mum Support Program
- 6 Week Stress Free Kids, Stress Free Parenting Program (school aged children)
- 4 Week Be The Change Program (for Stress, Depression & Anxiety)
- 12 Week Postnatal Depression Recover Program
- 5 Week Adjusting to The Change Program
- Recording of The Wired For Happiness Seminar - How to teach your kids to love life and avoid Stress
- 30 Day Mindset, Emotions & Mayhem Project)
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