What’s Good About This That You’re Not Seeing?

Find the hidden good in the bad!
Jackie Hall

This is one of my popular catch phrases.

Often we only focus on what we don’t want and what we’ve missed out on (that we believed should have happened), but the reality is, you are here now and this is your reality.

If you keep rolling in that story of what you don’t have, your brain will keep finding evidence of what you don’t have and you’ll keep feeling crappy.

If you’ve done any of my courses, you will have learnt how to start finding what’s good, beneficial or helpful about unwanted situations by asking yourself:

  • What can I be grateful for in this situation?
  • What am I /my child learning from this unwanted event?
  • Where is this unwanted event leading me that is wanted? (all highs lead to lows, all lows lead to highs)
  • What is the opportunity that can be found in this event?
  • What am I getting from this event?

Ask yourself these questions and see if you can come up with the ‘hidden good in the bad’ for yourself.

Get into this practice every time you catch yourself focusing on what you DON’T want or what you’re missing out on.

Shift your focus…


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