What are you thinking?

What you think about motherhood is how you will experience motherhood.

Think about it.

What has been your conversations about motherhood lately.  To yourself, to your friends, to your family, to your kids.  What have you been saying?  When you find the answer, you will see how you perceive motherhood.

So if you have been complaining about how bad things are, how lost you feel, how consumed you are, how annoying the kids are, how loud they are, how naughty they have been and you do this on a consistent basis, you are defining how you view motherhood and I will bet that you are feeling pretty overwhelmed by being a mum and quite possibly, not quite enjoying it either.

However, if you try to find the value, the good things about motherhood, the cute new things they do, the fact that with every challenging behaviour they are growing and maturing and learning about life, that they have unconditional love, that even though their current behaviour is undesirable, you still remember the last time they were hilarious or when you were cuddling them, you remember all the things that have worked and know that you are on your way to discovering what will work in this situation etc then you will feel very differently about motherhood.

The way you are currently perceiving motherhood will be reflected in how you are feeling about motherhood.  If you feel bad, then you need to become conscious of your perceptions and change the self-talk and the conversations that you have with other people.  When you do that you will notice how differently you feel.

For every angry or negative thought, replace it with something you can be grateful for and retrain your brain to think differently, and hence, you will begin to enjoy motherhood.

It really is that simple.  You just need to commit yourself to it.

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