Stress Is A Practice You’ve Gotten Real Good At..

“You are what you practice most.” 
Richard Carlson

If you regularly feel stressed, it’s because you have practiced regular thinking in regards to life.  What you think about and focus on expands in that direction.

So if you are looking for how bad life is and how you’re always missing out on this, that and the other, your brain will naturally look for more evidence of how bad life is and what you’re missing out on.

If you practice thinking this way repetitively, it becomes a habit – like driving a car.

However if you practice looking for evidence that life isn’t ALWAYS bad, that perhaps you’re just experiencing something unwanted RIGHT NOW, and you practice looking for what you did get and how you learnt from the unwanted, you will automatically start to feel a lot less stress.

Stress-free through healthy thinkin’.


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