Depression, sadness and anger can be a blessing

On Saturday my eldest son will turn six.  It seems like just yesterday he was born. the years have gone so fast. Yet in my memory I still vividly remember how I felt those sad, angry days in his early years when I thought I was the worst mum in the world and that I was always ‘stuffing him or his brother up’ in one way or another.

I felt like those long days with the kids changing nappies, cleaning the house and being bored out of my brain would never end.  I thought that my life had no purpose, no meaning and no direction, and that I was just existing from day to day in order to do everything for everyone else.

Although this is where I was at then, it is not how my life continued.  In fact being in that sad and angry place was the best thing that ever happened to me, because it took me to the place I am now and to what I am now doing with my life.

Without those moments, I would never have written books and programs to help other parents to stop their parental stress.  Without those moments I would never have learnt the information that teaches me to be a happy mum and teaches my kids the realistic version of how to be happy.  Without these moments, I would not meet and speak with many other inspirational parents like I do.

You see every moment in life leads to the next one.  Sometimes it may feel like your challenges are never going to end, but believe me they do.  Everything rises and passes away!  Whatever is going on in your life is a stepping stone.  Whether you are doing well in life right now or going through the hardest thing you have ever had to face, it is always temporary and eventually moves on to something else.

We don’t have to know how life will unfold, nor do we need to get it to unfold to our desires all the time.  We can’t possibly know what is going to happen next in our lives and will never know what good is going to follow our current bad.

There were times when I wanted to run away from how hard I found being a new mother with two young boys, but imagine if I did what I would be missing out on right now.

I am an author, a public speaker and a happy mum of two healthy and happy boys whom I can now help to learn to look at life in a healthy way and to be there to lift them when they feel in a similar way to how I had felt.  Because I’ve been there, I can teach them with conviction how to move themselves through those times quicker.

That time of my life where I was sad and angry all the time, propelled me to another level of my life that has now marked the beginning of something truly inspirational.  Your life can be this way too.

Don’t let yourself fall into the trap of believing that whatever is happening for you define’s your entire existence.  Never give up on believing you are important to this world.  If you don’t know why you are important to the world, then that doesn’t mean you aren’t. You just need to learn how to search for that evidence.

We each play a special role in life that is always giving something to someone we are in contact with.  We do this through existing.  You speak to others, participate in group activities, love others, live with others and leave with them a part of who you are JUST BY BEING ALIVE.  They learn from you and you form a part of how their life unfolds.

You are important now!  And always will be.

If you’re feeling low about your life right now and that ‘this is it’ for you.  Stop and imagine what uncrossed roads may be ahead of you.  You don’t know what amazing adventures are in store for you and you don’t know that what you are going through right now may end up being the very thing you need to occur in order for you to live a more amazing life than you have ever dreamed of living!!

“In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity”Albert Einstein

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