An inspiring story for anyone – A must read

This is a story that I heard last night that can be applied to any area of life.  After I tell it, I will apply it to motherhood.

It's called - The Enlightened Farmer.

A farmer's prize mare got out of the stables and ran into the hills.  The farmer's family came around and said, "How unlucky."  The farmer replied, "Hmmm, maybe."

Three days later, the Mare came running out of the mountains followed by 300 wild brumby.  Again, the farmer's family came around and said, "How lucky was that."  The farmer replied, "Hmmm, maybe."

A week later, the farmer's son, while breaking in one of the horses fell off and broke his arm.  The family commented again, "How unlucky".  The farmer, of course, replied, "Hmmm Maybe."

Two weeks later, the farmer's son was commissioned to go to war, however, they couldn't take him because he had a broken arm.  The family's response was "Wow, how lucky was that."  The farmer's reply?  You guessed it......."hmmm, maybe".

You see all of the things that happen in your life lead from one thing and onto the next.  The reality of life is that sometimes your experiences are enjoyable and sometimes they are not.

Every perceivably 'bad' thing that happens in your life, is on its way to something good and vice versa.  Every experience has some value in it because of what you learn from it and how it contributes to your life, thereby everything that happens in your life is perfect and has a purpose.

Yet society continues to portray that life has to be perfect in order for it to be valuable, and this misconception is what causes so much stress, depression and anxiety in the world.

How does this apply to parenting?

1.  If you child is misbehaving, not sleeping, having tantrums, or presenting you with challenges, these times are all contributing to your child learning about how to behave.  How do we know what to do if we haven't experienced what not to do?

2.  If you are going through some hard times financially, or through your relationships or with the emotional challenges of being a mum, then there was a series of events that lead to what is happening right now, and there will be a series of events that will lead you out of these challenges too.  What is happening right now, IS you moving out of these challenges, because you are learning new ways to live life and you grow through these times.

3.  Everything in life rises and passes away. Whatever is happening at the moment, whether it is perceivably good or bad, will come and go. Nothing lasts forever.  Nothing! Think about it.

4.  Stop rating events as being good and bad because they all play a part in your unique journey through life, the lessons you learn and how you contribute to life.

5.  Look at events in the bigger picture. Evolution is about learning, growing and changing.  This is exactly what you do as a person and through that you contribute to the evolution of the world, because you are part of this world doing what you do every day and contributing to the way life unfolds.  That is your purpose in life and that's what defines your worth!  Just by existing!  EVERY experience you have in this existence contributes to the bigger picture.

Possessions, achievements, getting goals, not getting goals, getting parenting 'right', getting your child to sleep, feeling the emotion of happiness or sadness, being married, not being married - these are all experiences that contribute to your development, the development of those you come in contact with and the bigger picture of the way life unfolds in general.


So next time you feel overwhelmed by an event, or by life in general, remember the story of the enlightented farmer and remember - every event has a purpose and is contributing to your life's journey and the bigger picture of the evolution of life.

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