Where has all the fun gone?

I hear of and see so many parents who lose themselves in their new lives, struggling to balance being a parent, working, being a homemaker and trying to juggle all of the demands of their lives.

There is so much to be grateful for, but all we seem to have our attention on is the mountain of chores, the problems we face and the things that we need to control and 'manage' life.

But where did all the fun go?

If we continue to go on like this, it only leads to one thing - breaking point!

We have to stop this cycle of getting consumed by all of the demands that are in our lives. The reality is the housework is always going to be there. We will always come across a truck load of tasks that need to be completed and times where it often feels like it all needs priority.

Parents often feel they are under huge pressure to 'keep it all together', but most of this pressure comes from ourselves.  Somehow we have taken on this belief that we need to be able to control everything that occurs in our lives and be the one that has all the answers, is organised and is responsible for the running of everyone, but while doing this we are losing a part of ourselves.  Everyone else is taken care of but you get lost, you forget about yourself and you forget that you are a person too.

Parents, it's time to let it go.  Pull back. Take stock of your life and all the wonderful things you have in it. It's time to start LIVING your life, instead of just existing and going from task to task.  Just because you became a parent and your workload has increased, it doesn't mean you should stop enjoying your life. It just means you now have to just manage it differently than before.

The reality is all those things we need to do, will always be there. If you get them done, they will quickly be replaced by more tasks that need tending to.

You need to deliberately take some time to have fun. Having time to do anything is never about having enough time, it's about making it a priority.  Make YOU a priority today, because your quality of life depends on it.

Make some time to do something that you LOVE to do.  Whether it's with the kids, or whether you have to find someone to look after the kids while you do it.  It is IMPERATIVE you start to enjoy your life or you're going to end up losing yourself and in 40 years time, you may look back at your life and be full of regret that you got so tied up with the small stuff and getting everything 'right' that you forgot to actually live and enjoy those little things.

I am seeing too many stories - too many, where parents have lost a part of themselves along the way.  They lose their self-esteem, their sense of style, their individuality, all because they are trying to 'do it all and have it all', but in the process of 'having it all', they are also losing it all, losing everything that they really do hold important in life, because they aren't taking the time to enjoy what they do have in the name of getting everything perfect.

It's time to shake it up.  Change your life.  Make it your intention today, to plan something FUN in your life.  What is it you would like to do that would make you feel amazing?  Do you need a new outfit, a new hairstyle?  Could you go skydiving, go dancing or take pole dancing lessons?   What is something that will bring you alive, make you feel like yourself again and remind you that you are a person with hopes, dreams and aspirations.

Parenthood is one of the most rewarding jobs you can have, but it's not all of who you are.  I am writing this to wake you up, shake you up and make you realise that you need to have some fun.  Put the dishes, the work, the parenthood role aside for a moment and bring some joy into your life.  Do something that invigorates you, stretches you and boosts your self-esteem.  Nurture yourself and give yourself the attention you deserve.

My fear, is that if you don't do this and do it on a regular basis, then you will reach that breaking point and feel like your life is purposeless.  Only you can change this.  Only you can add purpose back into your life.  No fairy godmother is going to wave her magic wand and make your life enjoyable and fun.  Only you have that power.  What do you want for your life?  What would you like to experience in your life?

Life was never supposed to be all about dull, boring, monotonous tasks.  It's about fun, adventure and experience.  Step outside of your rut over the next week and do something unique just for you - something that will give you a boost and a lift up to feeling inspired, encouraged and excited about life.

C'mon, you deserve a break!

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