The Journey of a Happy Mum

relaxed mum“The Journey of a Happy Mum”.  What happens in that journey that makes her a happy mum?  How does she become a happy mum?  What can I do to be like her and be a happy mum too?  These are all questions that have probaby drawn you to clicking on this blog.  Everyone wants to know how to become a happy mum, don’t they?

In this blog, I am going to discuss with you how to be a happy mum.  I’m going to discuss with you all of the trials and tribulations that happen in my own life and how I view these experiences.  I’m hoping that through this blog, I can share with you my experiences and views, so that I can help you to think about your own experiences and at the same time, sort through my own thoughts and hopefully redirect them where I want them to go.  So welcome….

Firstly, I would like to discuss this heading “Journey of a Happy Mum”  because this title is like the misleading propoganda headings that lure you into buying, reading or achieving something that you think you need and the proof is that I just did it to you.  So I want to now give you another perspective on this ‘happy mum’ thing.  So I will start off by saying that – ‘Happiness is a Journey, not a destination?’ (LOL) Okay, okay, don’t turn me off, I’m hearing you groan!  It gets said to death, I know and I feel incredible cliche by saying it, but there is value in this saying and I want to disect it a bit so that we can put it into context here, because is very significant to becoming a happy mum. 

Let’s discuss the word “Journey“.  When we think about a journey we think about a trip, a holiday, going from A to B.  Now let’s say, to keep it light, the journey we are talking about is going to work.  A is home and B is our work destination.  On our way to work, sometimes we get there without a hiccup.  We get mostly green lights, there were no accidents, Our car ran well.  Sometimes, we aren’t so lucky.  We might get stuck in a traffic jam and run late, or our car gets a flat tyre, or maybe someone cut you off and you got really annoyed by that.  Sometimes we have a very enjoyable trip to work.  Our favourite song comes on the radio and pumps you up, someone lets you into their lane, you get in the car and don’t need to fill up.  All of these things make you feel good, right?  So what we experience on our journey to work, is that sometimes it goes well, sometimes it doesn’t go well and sometimes its a non-event altogether.  That is the reality of our journey to work.

The next step is to now look at the word Journey in the context our life. In life, our journey goes from A to B.  A is when we are born.  B is when we die.  In between is our Journey.  Now compare this life journey to that of your journey to work.  How do they differ?  The answer is that they don’t.  In our lives, sometimes it goes well, sometimes it doesn’t go well and sometimes it a non-event altogether. That is the reality of our journey of life. Now use that in the context of motherhood and you get the same result.  Sometimes, our children do what we want them to do – they go to sleep, they eat all their dinner, they don’t bug you.  Sometimes you don’t lose your cool and sometimes you get everything done that you set out to do.  On the other hand sometimes you get zero hours sleep.  Sometimes your house looks like a bomb site.  Sometimes you just couldn’t be bothered getting out of bed and being a mother.  In the middle are the days where life just happens and there is nothing that shines and nothing to gripe about.  That is the reality of Motherhood.  That is the journey of a mum.

Now for the happy bit.  This word H-a-p-p-y is a word that often gets us in trouble.  It is a dangerous word that we aspire to that will continually cause us to feel the exact opposite of this if we pin all our hopes and dreams on becoming it.   Ask most people what they want and there answer will be – To Be Happy.  Well, I’m about to burst that ‘happy’ bubble that you are trying to achieve……

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