FREE 90-minute webinar + Q&A

Why school avoidance makes sense to your child.

Practical tools and strategies to support you and your autistic child to navigate the challenges of school avoidance & autism

For Parents, Carers & Teachers of all-aged autistic children. 

Delivered by the Parental Stress Centre with guest speaker Sally O'Meara from the Australian Centre for Disability Law.

30th of August, 2023

8.30 PM AEST (Sydney Time)


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What we will cover in this webinar

We jam this webinar full of practical understanding and useful strategies.


What school avoidance looks like

Does your child struggle to get out of bed?  Is every day an argument to get them to school? When they are there are they disruptive so you are called to pick them up? Do they have anxiety attacks at home or school or are there increased meltdowns or aggressive behaviours? Are they pretending to be sick, self-harming, or threatening to do so?


Why school avoidance makes sense to a child

We explain what is going on for your child in their mind and body to make them behave this way, so you can approach this challenge with understanding and empathy.


Areas of school life that trigger a child

School avoidance can feel like a really complex issue and often it is, but we break it down into 6 different categories you and your child can work on together.


Bridging the gap

It's about identifying the problem, the ideal and what is needed to bridge the gap.



How trauma could be influencing the child's behaviour.



Effective communication with your child is critical for success.  We have a step-by-step process.  



We have invited Sally O'Meara from the Australian Centre for Disability Law to join us on the webinar to run through their toolkit to help you effectively advocate for your child in the school system.  

Sandy Betty

Special Ed Teacher

I found the webinar on school refusal exceptional.

As a teacher in a special education setting that works solely with autistic children, I found the webinar on school refusal exceptional.  I would highly recommend it to both parents and teachers.

Anne Hackanson

Parent & Teacher

I cannot recommend this enough.

I cannot recommend this enough to people who are dealing with school refusal and working with kids who have autism.  Very valuable information and ideas to support parents, kids and schools to have better outcomes for kids.

Yolande Wills

Support Coordinator

A wonderfully informative session.

A wonderfully informative session on school avoidance, provided free by PCS. Thank you! Information from a neuroscience base, which showed compassion and understanding for children and the adults who care for them.

Don't miss out on this free live event.  

Delivered by the Parental Stress Centre with special guest Sally O'Meara from the Australian Centre for Disability Law.