Anger or impatience dominates your parenting

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Have you promised yourself multiple times that you would stop shouting at the kids, only to get up the next day and do it again? 

When parents feel stressed and impatient it's often very quickly followed by guilt and a promise that they will never react that way again.  Only to find that sometimes, just moments later, they react again.

Trust me. I know. I've been there.

You keep trying to change but it sometimes feels impossible when you're constantly faced with life's challenges. Things like; kids behaviour, chores, work, a never ending to-do list, lack of sleep and relationship issues.

So how do you stay calm when faced with the inevitable challenges of being a parent? Learn how with our FREE WEBINAR.

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What you’ll discover on this webinar

  • Find out what's really triggering you to feel angry, impatient or irritable. Or causing you to fly off the handle at the smallest thing.
  • How to avoid training your body to be addicted to your emotions.
  • Learn the only two ways your brain is able to undo a well-practiced habit of getting angry.
  • Master three in the moment tools for staying calm in a challenging situation.
  • Get three tools for reducing your child's anger both in the moment and in the long term.
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The Founder of the PSC

Jackie Hall

  • Dip. Counselling, with specialised skills in CBT for Anxiety and Depression.
  • 11 years of Trauma Counselling experience including EMDR (for PTSD, anxiety and depression).
  • Residential Youth Carer executing Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Training for Challenging child behaviours, Solution-Focussed Therapy and Trauma-informed approaches.  
  • Registered 'Circle of Security' Facilitator.

Jackie is a Qualified and Accredited counsellor, author, mother, keynote speaker, course facilitator and founder of the Parental Stress Centre.

She began her journey back in 2007 when she found herself the mother of two, suffering from postnatal depression and anxiety. During a particularly angry outburst that resulted in a knife catapulting across the room and almost hitting her then two year old son, Jackie received her wake up call (full story told in The Happy Mum Handbook).

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