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Fiona Schenkel, NT

Mind Blown Repeatedly!!...

Thanks so much Jackie. This has been transformational! I’ve really enjoyed your realistic, down to earth approach and candid videos, you deliver all this info in a way that people can really relate to. My mind has been blown repeatedly. I’m proud of the change I can feel in myself, and excited for the changes I can begin to see in my kids (and my husband)! Well done for creating such an amazing program. I truly believe you are doing such a wonderful thing for parents of future generations!!

Helen Steffen, VIC

Without the PSC, Jackie Hall and its community I don’t think I would be where I am today....

I have been a part of the PSC group for about 2-3 years now and in this time I have done a number of the courses and also including a couple of live seminars.

This group has been completely life changing for me. At the time when I joined I had an 11year old boy and a 7 year girl and I felt like I was completely floundering on my own and that I was definitely the worse mother in the whole wide world. My vision of what parenting and life should be like was seen through rose colored glasses and anytime a difficulty arose I took it as reflection of me and confirming that I was a complete failure because things weren’t going the way I had seen them.

PSC helped me realise that this is all just a part of life and that having difficulties didn’t mean that I was a complete failure as a mother.
PSC was different in that it focussed in on me, my reactions and my feelings. It helped me work out how I was feeling and better understand my children’s behaviours so that I could better handle them.

Seeing things through different lenses helped me to realise that maybe I wasn’t the worse mother in the world. I got to share my experiences with other like parents and realise that I wasn’t alone.

PSC has not only helped me with the relationships with my children but also has helped me to become a more confident and happier person. This in turn has improved all aspects of my life and I can’t thank Jackie enough for all that she and the PSC have done for me.
Yes it hasn’t always been smooth sailing and I still have my ups and downs especially now that I have moved to another phase in my life but without the PSC, Jackie Hall and its community I don’t think I would be where I am today.

I highly recommend the PSC to anyone that is struggling as everything learnt becomes a part of your life and this helps with coping with life’s ups and downs as they arise.

Katerina Estrella, NSW

The tools Jackie shares have been priceless and are grounded in science...

With the roadmap Jackie has given me, I feel equipped to appropriately address whatever gets thrown my way. The tools Jackie shares have been priceless and are grounded in sound science. I would highly recommend this program to any parent wishing for deeper connection with and understanding of their child and a smoother, more joy-filled existence.

Nicole Lehmann, VIC

...I went to a dark place I could not get myself out of...

When I had my second child I went to a dark place that I could not get myself out of. I knew I did not want to feel this way and had to do something. I thought I was failing in every aspect of my life and was just completely hopeless. Having completed the Postnatal depression & anxiety course i can say my life has been completely turned around. I have learnt to love & respect myself & to embrace every challenge in life. I am so much more understanding & compassionate towards others now. Iv learnt that my life will have ups & downs but I have the personal strength & knowledge to get through any experience.

Katie Fiatorone, NSW

There's no thank you in the world big enough!

The PSC has brought something to my family’s life that I can't even begin to explain. There is no thankyou in the world big enough to say how grateful I am to Jackie and her team. The PSC’s advice and strategies are realistic and their ongoing support is invaluable. Jackie’s programs have been a real game changer for me! Thanks PSC!

Karen Snaith, VIC

Best parenting decision I've ever made!

ompleting a course with the PSC was the best parenting decision I have ever made. Jackie offers her full support during the program and beyond. I have so much gratitude for Jackie and her incredible team at PSC - it’s changed our lives!

Kirsty Munn, QLD

My relationship with my 9yo son was deteriorating...

I found The Parental Stress Centre at just the right time. My life had turned upside down and the relationship with my son (9yo at the time) was deteriorating rapidly, I was lost.

Completing the Tame Your Temper course and having the on-going support of the Centre allowed me to find myself again and to stop the downward spiral.

Jackie's knowledge and support gave me the confidence to 'get back on the horse' again and from that time onwards I have been a better parent, not perfect, but so much stronger and confident which allowed my son and I to move forward in a calm and positive way.

Emma Bonnar, UK

My husband was starting to become a skeptic but...

I really want to thank u Donna and Jackie. I have recently completely the 28 Day Tame Your Temper Challenge and have been working my way through the MMCL Challenge.
Yesterday we had a day without any challenges from my son. The first since I can ever remember and he is now 11. We have also been discussing with him some issues that would normally set off a big tantrum and because we are communicating again without everyone shouting we have been able to resolve some things calmly by discussing them.
Please don’t think it’s perfect. We r still getting some back chat but since I have been ignoring this back chat and just responding well to the good bits and reminding him that I can’t hear him when he shouts and tantrums and it doesn’t get him his own way, things are really starting to improve.
My husband was starting to become a skeptic but promised he would continue to do it this way for now. And yesterday he said "You're right Em. It’s really working. From 2 desperate parents. Thanku.

Angela Aschberger, SA

I felt stressed, angry and unappreciated in my life.

I found the Parental Stress Centre through Facebook at a time where I felt stressed, angry and unappreciated in my life.
Feeling like I had nothing to lose, I initially took on the 28 Day Tame Your Temper challenge, which completely changed my view of my children and my family. This inspired me to complete further courses with PSC over the following months and I can feel and see the benefits in my life every day. I am closer to my children and my husband, and feel like I can cope with life even when it doesn't go to plan.
The range of support from Jackie and the PSC was fantastic, from emails and live chats to Facebook groups and messenger. Having completed the courses I still feel able to discuss things with other past participants via Facebook when I'm having a challenging day, and it's great to know I'm not alone.
I'm very grateful to Jackie and the PSC for the huge improvement in my life and my relationship. I can't speak highly enough of their work.'

Amber Purtell, VIC

Jackie has a way of teaching skills that makes sense and is so practical

I recommend all families to get among the various programs available as we all have room for improvement in one way or another, and Jackie has a way of teaching skills that make sense and are so practical. I am a much happier and more confident parent and person after being apart of the Happy Mummy Handbook program and 28 Day Get My Child To Listen challenge

Kylie Mate, VIC

Jackie Hall and the Parental Stress Centre have been such a blessing to me

Jackie Hall and the Parental Stress Centre have been such a blessing to me and changed my life. Her programs are relevant, the support is amazing not only through the courses but afterwards also. She genuinely cares about the people enrolled and her passion is contagious. I'm so grateful for Jackie Hall and the Parental Stress Centre. I think everyone could learn something from Jackie and what she's teaching. Thank you Jackie for helping me to change my life.

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