No arms, no legs, no worries

Please take 10 minutes out of your life and make it a priority to watch the following video clip of the most inspiring man I've seen and one that touches my life and reminds me to keep teaching people to love themselves.  I want you to know just how powerful you all are, just by changing your perspective and retraining your mind to find the value in every experience in your life!




Take a moment to consider what he's been saying.

How much time have you spent thinking about and feeling down about all the things you've been missing out on, or feeling like your kids are missing out on something in their lives.

How often have you taken someone else's comments or judgements as truth and felt like you were a loser, or felt worth-less.

How many times have you felt like you don't matter to the world or that your small contribution doesn't make a difference to anyone.

What you do, just by being you, is you give "something that others cannot".  Whatever you are doing in your life, you are valuable just because you contribute who you are to everyone around you.  We all influence each other.  Without all of us connecting with each other and living together, none of us grow, learn and achieve.

There is always something to be grateful about.  There is always something to learn.  There is always something that you give to someone else, just by being you.

If your life feels pointless or worth-less, than no one can change this for you.  As Nick said, no one is going to be able to say to you it's going to be okay and you will believe them. No one has ever walked a step in your shoes and can say that they really know what you are going through. 

The only way that you can move out of feeling worth-less and down about life, is to CHANGE YOUR PERSPECTIVE.   Thinking is what makes you feel bad about yourself.  Incorrect beliefs that have most often been set up in childhood cause you to view life in an incorrect way and the only way to change this, is to change those beliefs - retrain your mind to think differently.

This is my mission.  I want to educate mums to be able to have a healthy self-worth and to love and accept themselves no matter what's happening in their life.  Do you want to know why I want to teach  mums this valuable information?

Not only so that you can experience a happier life, but so that you can teach your children to love themselves too.  There are so many influences out there that cause our kids to think that achievements and social acceptance defines our worth if these beliefs are not changed, they will grow up to continually attaching their self worth to life going a certain way and we need to change this.

How else can we teach our kids to feel great about themselves, no matter what life throws at them, if we don't know this and practice it in our own lives.  You cannot teach what you do not have.  If you wish to teach self-worth to your children, you need to feel worthy yourself.

This is what I teach in The Happy Mum Handbook.  I hope this video has inspired you as much as it does me.

Take care of yourself


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