It’s not all rosy at the Hall House

I just thought I would let you all know that it's not always rosey, warm and fuzzy over here at the Hall house.

I currently have a very cranky, tired and miserable 4 year old screaming and kicking away in the laundry (his time out spot) and I am walking around the kitching singing my own little made up tune:

"I'm not going down with you Ryan. I'm gonna stay up here where it's happy and calm. I'm not going down with you Ry. It's your choice to scream and it's only noise and I'm gonna stay up here".

This is my way to remind myself to stay detached, as I too am tired, partnerless (he's playing golf right now) and I need to keep my cool.

I am also reminding myself right now to expect that the next 2 hours are going to be similar because he is tired and cranky and this is unlikely to change before bedtime. I just need to make sure that I alter any picture in my mind that included co-operation, quietness and a happy child.

Deep breaths and lots of singing needed so the mummy monster doesn't think she can show up to play and (most probably) make matters worse for all of us. 🙂 Happy days!

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