Day 29 – Old School results using new school approaches. Here’s how…

Our intentions are there. We want to install in our kids proper boundaries, respect, values like co-operation and consideration for others, but the problem is we often do this with the approaches our parents use to take.

But today’s child is not like us when we were kids.  It’s changed dramatically.

On top of that every aspect of life is changing too – education, media, politics, gender roles, how we see money and life.  So it makes sense that our parenting needs to change too.

Gone are the days of punishing our children into learning their lessons. We have to do more and approach if very differently.

Today’s lesson talks about these changes and what it means for how parents approach their child’s behaviour and arm them with the tools they’ll need to adults in THEIR lifetime, not the lifetime we grew up in as kids, which is no longer relevant.

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