Do you really know how powerful you are?

Today I received my first digital copy of my book The Happy Mum Handbook.  As I stared at the finished product that has just taken me the last 6 months (to produce), I started to become quite overwhelmed with what it really meant to me.

I remember two years ago now oh so clearly (and I tell you the story in the book) where I had yet another emotional meltdown which resulted in me throwing a very angry tantrum, crying and hating myself for behaving this way.  After this meltdown I had an incredible epiphany and realisation that no one was going to be able to change the way that I felt about my life.  No one could change how I experienced my life, only I could.

I decided that I needed to change things and began to search for help.  As my dear mother has taught me, if you want to do something and don't know how, you must search for the answers.  So I did, but I could find nothing.

That is when I decided that I would write it myself.  Moments after falling apart I was consumed by a new sense of hope, a new sense of purpose and a vision to HELP OTHER MOTHERS!

For two years I have trained, researched and read whatever I could put my hands on to come up with the answers to, not only fix my own stress, but to convey a message to other mums about how to do the same, and now that I hold that message in my hands, it quite seriously, makes me want to cry.

Everytime I hear about a person who is suffering, I think, 'I could help you.  I have information that could change the way you see life'. It's not because I'm special.  It's not because I'm smarter, better or happier than other people.  It's simply because I have educated myself with an understanding on that area of my life.  No different to a lawyer knowing the law, or a doctor knowing about medicine.  I learnt from the best of the best.  I studied what other happy people were doing and I started doing it.

From my own experiences, I tripped over an area of life where this information was not being delivered and now I am determined to fill the gap of information that is NOT being shared amongst mums.  This determination comes from the fact that us mums are so powerful!

Every day you are a very important teacher in your child's life.  Every day you are communicating lessons to your child that they will take out into their lives and that will effect everything that they experience.

If you have limitations that you live with, or have dreams that are left unfulfilled, or put other people before yourself all the time, then what do you think you are really teaching your children.

If you are handling life's challenges, whether in motherhood or not, with anger, blame, criticism, guilt, resentment or a feeling of worthlessness, then guess how you're teaching your child to experience life.


But rarely do we see ourselves this way, but you are.  So now I ask you a question?

What do you want in your life, that you are not getting?

Think about this seriously for a moment.

If it's lots of things, write them down right now. Pick up a pen and a piece of paper and start writing a list of all the things that you want to experience in your life. Don't worry about the thoughts that tell you that you can't, just imagine that you have a fairy godmother that has come along and waved her magic wand to create your perfect existence. What would be in it?

When you have your list, now you need to prioritise it and figure out the first thing that you are going to go for and do something RIGHT NOW towards that goal.  It all starts with where you put your attention and then you start to find opportunities to find out the 'how' of getting to your goal.

Think about all of the things around you write now - a desk, a telephone, the lights that are on in your home, the television set that may be blaring, the computer that you are looking at.  These are all things that came from somebody's vision to get what they wanted!

How did they get it?

They put their attention on it, they tried and tried, they practiced and they learnt of other people who had tried before them.  They succeeded through trial and error, commitment and DESIRE!

Every single person on this planet has been blessed with a mind capable of doing ANYTHING and YOU ARE NO EXCEPTION!

Two years ago I decided that I would write a manual to help mums deal with the everyday challenges of being a mum so that no one had to experience what I did.  I now have the hard copy of that vision in my hands which I hope will facilitate my next vision - sharing this message with millions of mums everywhere.  At the same time, my personal development and the effect it will have on my children has grown exponentially.  I could not put a value on what this has given to me, my marriage and my kids.

This is what happens when we go for something new.  You learn, you stretch yourself and you experience just how powerful you can be as a human being.  Without even trying you will pass this courageousness and special qualities down to your children and they will benefit from your efforts.

How do I know this?  Because this is what I have learnt from my incredible mother.

Your child can learn to give anything a go too.  You just need to set the foundations up for them.

So go on, what is that you want to achieve and how are you going to start doing it today? No exceptions!  You really are a powerful person.

Sweet dreams


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