21 Day FREE Challenge

De Stress for Christmas

Bring joy back into your home for the holidays

Does the lead up to Christmas bring you more anxiety than joy? 

Busy schedules, tired kids, end of year meltdowns, conflict with family members, sibling rivalry,  holidays to prepare for, money stress, a to-do list longer than your arm and the pressures of Christmas combined with every day life, can cause parents to feel more stressed than ever...BUT NOT THIS YEAR!...

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21 Day Stress Free for Christmas Challenge starts in


You missed out!

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Let us help you

Find your joy this Christmas.

Tackle the endless list of tasks needed to be done without feeling overwhelm.

Stop money worries from ruining your Christmas spirit.

Handle challenging behaviours from the kids as excitement and end of year tiredness take their toll.

Deal with family get togethers and the potential stress of challenging relationship dynamics (eg. avoid conflict with your relatives!) 

Actually enjoy this festive season instead of dreading it!

We know you're busy at this time of year so we've made this program so simple you can do it anywhere!

It takes just 5-10 mins per day

  • Just read or listen to the lessons we email you each day for 21 days
  • It will have information to help you to think, feel or act differently towards common stressful situations that apply to Christmas and parenting.
  • An exercise to do as you go about your day to help you apply the lesson to your life..
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Our Happy Parents

This is the third, possibly fourth time I have enjoyed the start of the program. I tend to get a little further each time. Our daughter experienced significant early childhood trauma and I am finding the material equally beneficial when dealing with her emotions as I am our son with ASD/ADHD. Next week we are welcoming a 15 month old into the house. We couldn’t have done it this time last year but course by course our house has become so much more happier and functional.


This course has guided me to a better understanding of my emotions when dealing with my kids, not only my son who is nonverbal and on the spectrum but also helped me dealing with my neurotypical daughter



This is by far one of the best programs I have ever been a part of. It is information rich and has very practical activities to help. It is easy to follow and if you do the activities you will see huge changes in both yourself and your child.


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The Course Creator

Jackie Hall

  • Dip. Counselling, with specialised skills in CBT for Anxiety and Depression.
  • 11 years of Trauma Counselling experience including EMDR (for PTSD, anxiety and depression).
  • Residential Youth Carer executing Therapeutic Crisis Intervention Training for Challenging child behaviours, Solution-Focussed Therapy and Trauma-informed approaches.  
  • Qualified 'Circle of Security' practitioner.

Jackie is a Qualified and Accredited counsellor, author, mother, keynote speaker, course facilitator and founder of the Parental Stress Centre.

She began her journey back in 2007 when she found herself the mother of two, suffering from postnatal depression and anxiety. During a particularly angry outburst that resulted in a knife catapulting across the room and almost hitting her then two year old son, Jackie received her wake up call (full story told in The Happy Mum Handbook).

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