Autism Program – Bonus Lessons

Week One Bonus Lessons

#1 - I Get Frustrated when I Try New Approaches and Nothing Works.

#2 - Trying to be perfect trips you up

Week Two Bonus Lessons

#3 - The “I am worthy game”

#4 - Recognising your wins

Week Three Bonus Lessons

#5 -  How To Feel Good First & Parent From There

#6 -  Using The Mind TRACK to Happiness Process In The Heat Of The Moment

Week Four Bonus Lessons

There are no bonus lessons for week four, as there are 7 daily lessons allocated for this week as part of the full program. 

Week Five Bonus Lessons

#7 - Summary of Diarising You Child's Behaviour

#8 - Just because you can, does it mean you should?

Week Six - There are no bonus lessons for week Six, as this is a break week with no new information. 

Week Seven Bonus Lessons

#9 -  Prevention and planning

Week Eight Bonus Lessons

#10 - Resolving conflict when it comes to parenting on the same page

#11 - How to know if your relationship is really over

Week Nine Bonus Lessons

#12 - Active Mindfulness