Aggression in Autism
90-min Webinar + Q&A

With Founder of the Parental Stress Centre, Jackie Hall

For Parents & Educators of all-aged Autistic Children

What we'll cover in this session:

One of the most challenging things for a parent of an autistic child is helping regulate their emotions, especially when they come out in aggressive behaviours. 

Not knowing what to do in those stressful moments can cause parents to feel reactive and emotional themselves, which can unintentionally result in a conflict cycle that makes things worse.

This webinar will help you to understand what's happening in your child's mind and body during an emotional outburst and leave you with practical, real-world strategies to help yourself and your child to prevent and address aggressive behaviour.

We look at why this behaviour makes sense to your child as well as exploring the autistic profile of PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance).

This information session is relevant for parents, carers and professionals helping all-aged autistic children and young adults.

This webinar was extremely informative and useful as an educator in the public school system. I would recommend it to parents who have ASD children and colleagues in the education system. 

Deborah Groth // Teacher

I have just listened to the "aggression in autism" webinar. What a fantastic presentation! very well presented and easy to understand. I work as an OT and will definitely recommend to my colleagues and families who would benefit from your content. Thank you very much!

Triza // OT

Any parent, care giver and professionals will benefit from this Webinar... it was a relief to join hundreds of others in learning about how to better understand autistic ASD traits... we need more education to best support children and their families

Elizabeth Thomas // Parent

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Your Webinar Host:

Jackie Hall Professional Counsellor

Jackie has worked with parents for the past 14 years, helping them and their child to alleviate mental health challenges, including aggressive behaviour in autism.

Jackie has professional qualifications as a counsellor, has worked with autistic children as a frontline residential youth worker and has been working with hundreds of parents of autistic children as part of her specifically designed 9-week program. 

This webinar will help you to make sense of your child's behaviours and emotions and walk away feeling relieved, understood and armed with tools to implement right away.