Is Your Affectionate Name Calling Causing Trouble

My little drama queen
My little terd-burger
My little B**tch or 'She's a little cow'.
My challenging child
My anxious child
The hard one / not so smart one / one who's just like me / easy one / one who couldn't give a 'shit' / the one who gives me a hard time. The list could go on of the labels we often pin on our children.

Sometimes we have playful names for our kids, and (sometimes) not so affectionate names! We may say them flippantly or even affectionately - at times directly to our kids, and perhaps we are sure never to say them in front of our kids, knowing they can be influential.

But if they are repetitive labels you give your child on a regular basis, does the mere fact that you THINK this way about your child have an effect on how you treat your child, how you help your child or how you experience your child?

It most certainly does!!  Sometimes we don't realise the powerful effect of our words. 

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