Welcome to PSC

The Parental Stress Centre is an organisation like you have never seen before and one that is sorely needed in the parenting community.

We are designed specifically to help you understand and deal with yours and your child’s stress at a grass roots level.

Behind every decision or action you, your child or your partner take, is your thought process – what we call your brain’s evaluation process.

While traditional parenting sites focus on following practical techniques addressing the behaviour itself, The Parental Stress Centre goes one very important step further by teaching you how to manage the thinking behind the behaviour first.

How you and your child think about life causes how both of you feel and behave. Change your thinking and you’ll change your behaviour and the emotions felt. 

Using a hub of resources created by founder Jackie Hall, you will learn how to understand the thinking process underlying behaviour and how you can change or work with that thinking to overcome the challenges you face in life, both as a parent and as a person.

Our approach is one of education, practical techniques and self-empowerment.  In essence we want to help you to help yourself.  We want you to feel confident about what to do in any challenging situation. We want to help you reduce your stress and feel better about yourself as a parent and personally too.

We aim to educate parents on how to be self-reliant but to also know when to ask for help.

What we do is not therapy and we are not trying to replace traditional therapy, for there is always value in being able to meet with someone face to face and receive ongoing support and encouragement (which we also offer).

We simply provide thorough information that anyone can easily understand, adopt and implement for yourself to effectively produce change in your own life.

Our focus is primarily on helping you understand the connection between thinking and feeling and how to apply specific tools for changing this thinking and thus reducing your stress and the intensity of your emotions. We teach you how to do this for yourself and for your child.

We do not provide quick fixes.  Instead we focus on the bigger picture – creating long term harmony in yourself, your child and the relationships you have with those around you.  (See our mission statement for more information on what The Parental Stress Centre stands for).

We focus on many different challenges that parents experience and will be continuing to expand on these topics as we grow.

Important notes about the PSC:

We are NOT a website that will ever judge you as a good or bad parent?

But we will show you how to be the parent that YOU want to be.

We will never make you feel guilty for the way you parent, any of your behaviours or make you feel like there is something wrong with your child?

But we will show you how to understand where the behaviour you don’t like about yourself comes from, and how to change.  We will also help you to assist your child with their behaviour too.

We will NOT teach you more of the same traditional child behaviour management techniques you’ve been trying for years.

But we will show you a deeper approach to, first understanding the thinking behind your child’s behaviour, and secondly, how to change that thinking to be a healthy and happier understanding of life.  This will automatically improve your child’s behaviour and give you a foundation that will assist you in applying those traditional techniques more effectively.

We do not deal with any spiritual, esoteric or religious themes.

But we will teach you reality based information that can be used in conjunction with your spiritual beliefs and in a way that any faith or belief system can relate to.

Who can receive our help

Anyone who is willing to learn and change.  It is important to understand that we provide information and tools that show you how, but you will be the one who will need to apply the information.  Information + application = Experiential understanding, necessary for long term changes.

It is our aim to be able to educate every parent looking for information without discriminating against any gender, age or financial demographic. We have something for everyone.

We understand that not everyone can afford help, but unfortunately, as much as we’d like to, we can’t afford to give all of this information away for free.  It costs both time and money to keep producing more materials and reaching more parents.  We want this information to go global. The more we earn, the bigger we get, the more resources we create and the more people we educate.  That’s our mission.

That said, we understand the reality of some parents’ financial situation so we have created three levels of service to fit all parents.

Our free services include:

Educational Products:

We have created ebooks and hard copy books to give you an affordable way to learn the PSC concepts and lessons, as well as more in depth products that provide more personalised support and an experiential approach to what we teach. To find out more about the products we have available, click here.

Educational Services:

Jackie Hall and her team are on a mission to provide one-on-one services, couples counselling, group presentations, live webinars and live talks about specific topics to targeted groups of parents and industry professionals around Australia.  To find out more about how you can get more specialised support for yourself or your group, please click here.

To make it easier for you to find what you are looking for we have organised our website into four categories:

Learn Personal Peace
This is an area for you to learn more about your own personal development journey.  As a parent, time out, personal identity, learning to be more present and feeling more at peace with your life are skills you may like to learn to cope with your personal inner world. You can find resources and information such as this under this category.

Happy Parenting

This is an area to learn how to be a happier parent.  If you are experiencing parental stress, depression, anxiety, or intense emotions such as anger and guilt, then this is the area for you. This area is all about YOU as a parent and how to change your behaviour.

Child Behaviour Management

This is an area specifically dedicated to focusing on your child’s behaviour.  There are many different challenges we face as parents. This area will help you to understand what’s going on for your child and how you can help them understand and adopt healthy and happy views on life which will automatically begin to change their behaviour.

We teach you a calm and effective approach to dealing with your child’s misbehaviour and how to approach these challenges in a non-reactive way, that aligns with the parent you want to be. We will also help you to teach your children the confidence, attitude and life skills you want them to have for their life.

Successful Relationships

This is an area to help you with your marital relationship or other relationships you are experiencing difficulty with.  We help you with conflict resolution, tools for change, understanding the other person’s thinking that lies behind their behaviour and how to communicate, negotiate and compromise to create harmony between you and them.


The Parental Stress Centre uses books, ebooks, coaching sessions, seminars, workshops and webinars to present this material to you in order to give you many different ways of receiving this information that will align with your learning style.

If you have any questions about what we do or would like to suggest a topic you would like us to address specifically, we will always be improving and expanding so we are open to hearing your thoughts via email: info@parentalstress.com.au

To find out more about The Parental Stress Centre you can do so at any of these pages:

How we help you with the thinking behind stress
Our Mission Statement
About Jackie Hall