Free Live Webinar on
Anxiety & Autism

60-minute session plus Q&A

"I just had the most wonderful recovery from a possible meltdown because of the new PDA info! THANKYOU!!"

For Parents, Carers and Professionals Supporting Autistic Children 3yrs to Young Adults

Professional Development Certificates Provided.

What we'll cover in this session:

  • Learn the three crucial elements that are always contributing to anxiety in your child.  Could it be PDA?
  • What's happening in the mind and body when anxiety is present.  How you as the carer can influence this.
  • We always use two approaches; mindset and practical strategies to help your child with their anxiety.  

17th April 2024

8.30pm AEST (Syd Time)


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Every autistic child is different and the reasons behind their anxiety will be different too. Often parents are overwhelmed themselves and feeling ill-equipped to help.

We'll help you to recognise when your child's behaviour, such as school refusal, meltdowns or aggressive behaviours are anxiety related and apply a child-centred approach to help.

This jam-packed webinar will give you a better understanding of anxiety, what causes it and most importantly, practical tools and strategies to help you and your child overcome those challenges.

We are a neuro-affirming organisation supporting both parent and child mental health


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Michelle Holmes

I just had the privilege of attending an amazing webinar, and the knowledge base of the presenter and structure of the presentation was perfect.


Amy Courtney

The webinars conducted by Jackie are both very informative and enlightening. Such invaluable information in which I will incorporate into my everyday encounters in the classroom.


kim kircher

Incredibly informative. Regardless of your background, you will still learn something to support autistic people in your life.

Your Webinar Host:

Jackie Hall - Professional Counsellor & PSC Founder

Hi, I am Jackie Hall, Founder of Parental Stress Centre, ACA-accredited counselor, EMDR therapist. five-time author, and mother.

From my time working with complex-needs autistic children in residential youth care, I became passionate about translating complex issues into manageable, actionable strategies.  I have now had the privilege of supporting thousands of parents through my child-centric, neuro-affirming training.

The moment you start to understand what’s really going on for a child, things begin to get easier. Not overnight, but bit by bit.  

I jam so much valuable information into this webinar that you will walk away with a toolbox full of practical, evidence-based techniques that work, and, importantly, it is delivered by someone who understands neurodivergent children and families.