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3rd August, 2021

8.30 PM AEST (Sydney Time)


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Free Webinar - Reducing Anxiety in Autism

What you’ll learn in this webinar:

Every autistic child is different and the reasons behind their anxiety will be different as well, leaving it sometimes difficult for parents to identify anxiety, let alone know how to deal with it. 

This webinar will help teach you how to recognise when your child's behaviour is anxiety related and apply a child-centred approach to helping your child to alleviate anxiety so they can cope with the myriad of challenges they face everyday.

Learn the three crucial elements that are always contributing to anxiety in your child.

What's happening in the mind and body to make your child's anxiety worsen. 

The two avenues you must investigate before creating a plan to help your child with their anxiety

Mindset training to alleviate your child's anxiety 

Practical Strategies to alleviate your child's anxiety.

A science-based mindfulness tool to get your child's body back into calm and balance.

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Your Webinar Host:

Jackie Hall - Professional Counsellor

Founder of The Parental Stress Centre, professional counsellor and creator of the 9-week Autism Parental Stress Relief Program, Jackie Hall brings you this free 90-minute webinar.  Delivered in plain, easy to understand terms it will give you key insights into identifying and understanding anxiety in your child. 

Jackie has worked with parents for the past 14 years, helping them and their child to alleviate mental health challenges, including anxiety. 

Jackie has professional qualifications as a counsellor, has worked with autistic children as a frontline residential youth worker and has been working with hundreds of parents of autistic children as part of her specifically designed 9-week program. 

This webinar will help you to make sense of your child's behaviours and emotions and walk away feeling relieved, understood and armed with tools to implement right away. 

Places on the live webinar are limited!

Reserve your seat now and join us live for the webinar that will change the way you think about anxiety in autism