Three crucial factors that identify anxiety in autism

Every autistic child presents with different behaviours.  So, how do you know if those behaviours are associated with anxiety or not?  This free report will help you learn the three fundamentals that always exist in an anxious autistic child so that you can identify and understand when anxiety is the underlying cause of your child's behaviour and respond appropriately.

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Why your child's behaviour makes sense.

Behaviours you might see in an anxious autistic child could be defiance, aggression or avoidance.  It could present as an increase in stimming, or echolalia or mutism.  It could even present as obsessive rituals, self-harming or meltdowns. 

However it presents, these behaviours serve as a function, albeit an often misguided one, and it's always vitally important for parents to start by understanding their child's behaviour before trying to be solution focussed about it.

This report is going to guide you through that first important step of identifying and understanding how anxiety may present for your child and why it makes sense to your child to behave the way they do when they feel anxious. 

"Behaviours associated with anxiety are just a symptom of what’s going on for your child, not the cause.  To understand the real cause we need to know the three fundamentals that always underlie anxiety."

Jackie Hall

Founder, Professional Counsellor - Parental Stress Centre

What else will I learn from this downloadabe report?

  • How to separate anxiety related behaviours from disobedience or laziness
  • How to identify the real function of your child's behaviour and why it makes sense
  • How to answer the question, 'What must my child be thinking/feeling to be behaving this way?'
  • How to jump into solution focussed mode to help your child to alleviate anxiety

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What our parents are saying

Wendy McConaghy

12yo autistic son

"Jackie's descriptions of anxiety and depression and how thoughts fuel these conditions was amazingly insightful."


Teenage Autistic daughter

"Jackie gives a different perspective on circumstances and also a lot of "a-ha" moments."

Michelle Flanigan

Mother of Three (autistic daughter)

"I was so grateful to have the tools I learnt from Jackie to help me help her to understand the reactions her behaviour was triggering in me and help me to cope better when life was not going to plan!!"