How to program your child's mind to love life and avoid stress

Exclusive offer for those who attended our Wired for Happiness seminar, or for those who registered, but couldn't make it. 

This seminar recording is going to help you to:

  • Parent in a way that programs your child's mind to reduce anger, stress, depression and anxiety, & experience more joyful emotions by default
  • Inspire positive behaviour in your child without nagging or yelling
  • Communicate with your child in ways they can hear you
  • Manage your own emotions so you're parenting in a calm & respectful way 

Special Offer - Wired for Happiness Seminar Recording

Lifetime access to this priceless presentation includes:

  • A three hour recording of the Wired for Happiness Seminar that you can watch over and over!
  • A PDF of all of the slides used in the presentation
  • A Downloadable MP3 Recording of the Three hour presentation so you can listen in your car or on the run  
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    BONUS VIDEO:  7 Steps to resolving conflict with your child (and addressing problematic behaviour, especially when they're defensive every time you try to talk to them).

3 Reasons why this presentation is a must-have

  • Because the brain needs repetition of new information to cement what you've learnt.  Listening to this presentation again and again, will help you to retain what you've learnt. 

  • Because you may want to show parts of this presentation to your partner, or another caregiver who has a major influence on your children.

  • Because you'll be able to print out key sections of this presentation from the PDF file, make notes on it, or put it up on your fridge or mirrors to remind you and the family of key concepts. 

Don't make this 'just another parenting seminar' you've nodded your head through, and not taken action in implementing.

Change comes from the repetition of acting in new ways and training the brain to a new way of being.

The 'Wired for Happiness' Seminar Recording is going to cover three fundamental topics that will help you to wire your child's mind for happiness.

  • 1
    How to understand why your child gets caught up in their emotions and how to help them when they do
  • 2
    How to teach your child to create a mindset that generates feelings of happiness, gratitude, joy, confidence and resilience BY DEFAULT
  • 3
    How to use simple and effective exercises and communication strategies to handle challenging behaviour and teach this positive mindset, without you feeling powerless or over-reactive

So in summary, when you finish watching this recording you'll be reminded of the answers to these questions ...

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    How do I stay calm so I can teach my child a healthy mindset for life?
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    How do I teach my child to deal with life's inevitable challenges without having a meltdown, getting depressed or anxious and without feeling worth-less about it?
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    How do I stop my child getting addicted to their emotions?  (Yes, your body can get addicted to emotions of stress!)
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    How do I reverse or change my child's mindset if I'm already seeing them stressed, over emotional, anxious or depressed?
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    How can I communicate with my child to teach them these things when they won't listen to my 'lectures'?
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    What specific strategies can I use to help my child learn about the responsibilities of life without them getting angry, frustrated or disrespectful with me?
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    How do I help my child be more appreciative of the things they have and stop feelings of jealousy, resentment, lack or not enough?
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    How do I help my child feel more confident, raise their self-esteem, feel worthy, and love themselves regardless of what other people think?
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    What can I say or do when my child is already feeling overwhelmed with emotion? What do I do in those moments?

So are you ready to bring more peace, happier kids, better communication and an easier parenting experience to your home?

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