Week Three / Day Seven – Exercise Day! – Recapping what you know


NB – there is no audio available for this exercise 

In this exercise you are simply going to recap what you have learnt so far.  In next week’s lesson you will begin to learn how to change this destructive thinking that has caused your stress, depression and anxiety.

Up until now, you have learnt the overview of the Mind TRACK to Happiness process and been learning a lot about the specific thinking behind emotions, depression, stress and anxiety.

In order to keep that information at the forefront of your mind, this exercise gets you to answer some questions and recap what information you have retained.

There are two parts to this questionnaire.

Part A – Try to answer the questions without looking at the information, however if you need to, please check back over the week to get the answers, as you want to print out this questionnaire with your answers and keep it close by.  This will remind you when you get stuck, of what you need to do or become aware of, to stop your depression or painful emotions.

Part B – Answer questions on what you have realised about your own beliefs by reading the information from the last three weeks.

Please download this PDF, print it out and answer these questions.

 Week Three / Day Seven – Exercise Seven – Recapping what I know.