Week Ten / Day Seven – Exercise Day! A moment to reflect


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Congratulations on getting to the end of your tenth week. You are only two weeks away from completing the entire Postpartum Depression Recovery Program.

This week you have been reading a complete summary of the Mind TRACK to Happiness process in order to remind you of exactly how to do each step.

As I’ve mentioned before, I don’t want you to feel confused about what you need to do when you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed. There are way too many books and resources out there that give you generalised tools for helping you, but leave you wondering how to apply them to your specific circumstances.

So if I have not been clear, please make sure you head over to the Q&A Forum or send me an email at support@postnataldepressionrecovery.com and ask me your questions. I am always here to support your journey.

Today’s exercise is about pausing to reflect on the your journey through the last ten weeks of this program. It is time to think about what your wins have been, what you have learnt and how your life has changed since beginning this program.

This exercise is for no one else but you, so feel free to write whatever you want to.

The steps for this exercise are quite straight forward. In your notebook, simply answer the following questions:

  1. What have you learnt about your postnatal depression?
  2. What has been your biggest insight over the past ten weeks?
  3. How do you think this information has benefited your children?
  4. What changes have been made to your life from using the TRACK process?
  5. What have you learnt about your self-worth?
  6. How do you think this information will change the way you interact with others (your partner, your kids, family or friends)?
  7. Is there anything that you now feel is possible, where before you did not?
  8. Think back to where you were at before commencing this program. How are you different to ten week ago? What has changed?

Take some time to reflect and answer these questions. This exercise is important for showing you how far you have come. It can be really easy sometimes to be discouraged by how far we have to go, especially when we are changing our thinking, which quite often keeps reverting back to old habits. It often feels like you are not making any progress, when you actually are.

Self-reflection helps you to think about your journey. Regularly doing this along the way can be extremely beneficial and encouraging, especially when you are feeling discouraged.

Finally, if you desire, I would love to hear some of your comments on the Testimonials section of the Q&A Forum. By posting your comments here, you give us permission to use these testimonials to help others to realise how much this program can help them. We will use your first initial and last name after your quote.