Week One / Day Two – Explaining Stress, Depression and Anxiety


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NB – Most of this lesson is taught via the you tube videos below. The video content is not part of this audio, so it may be easier to read this lesson.

The primary method used by the Parental Stress Centre is a method that was developed and is currently used at The Anti-depression association of Australia who I have trained with as one of their certified life coaches. This means that as well as experiencing depression and anxiety firsthand, I have also worked with many people who have suffered from severe stress-related illnesses too.

The Anti-depression association of Australia (ADAA)* have a very unique method for helping people to understand and overcome stress related disorders such as stress, depression, anxiety, OCD, addictions, eating disorders, etc. The method that they use is known as The Fountainhead MethodTM.

The reason why this method is so effective is because it is simple, easy to use, and it means that the client is empowered to help themselves with a method that they can understand and apply themselves – which is something that the Parental Stress Centre is passionate about.

In this program, I would like to show you the first part of The Fountainhead Method that will help you to understand stress, depression and anxiety, the differences between them and how they came to be in your life.

To illustrate this method clearly, I am going to use the following two videos:

Video 1 – GYLR Diagram (click here if you cannot view video 1 and you will be taken to YouTube)


Video 2 – GYLR Diagram with S,D,A (click here if you cannot view video 2 and you will be taken to YouTube)

In tomorrow’s video, I’m going to talk a little bit more about stress, depression and anxiety and the relationship between these three illnesses. You may find that you often swing between having anxiety and depression. I’m going to show you why this happens.

*To find out more about the ADAA (Anti-depression Association of Australia, their website is www.adaa.org.au)