Week One / Day Seven – Exercise One – Getting to know yourself


NB – there is no audio available for this exercise

From the scenarios in yesterdays readings, I have only just skimmed the surface of all the potential situations that could occur in childhood to set up the beliefs you now have that are potentially causing your stress, depression or anxiety.

I could probably write an entire book about the causes of your stress and how beliefs have been set up, however only some of them will relate to your particular circumstances.

Also, I promised you when you signed up for this program that it is not always necessary to roll around in the mud of your past in order to change your present life.

It can be hugely insightful to understand exactly how your beliefs have been set up, put not compulsory and this is because of what you’ve learnt about the brain.  We want to concentrate on new neural pathways in the brain and stop our mind thinking about the events of the past.

But in order to pull together all of the learning you have received this week on understanding your PND, I’m going to ask that you complete the questionnaire below to start getting specific answers to how your PND has been set up.

I promise you though this is the first and last time you will be delving into your past to find answers.  This exercise is simply to give you the opportunity to understand that the way you have been feeling of late could not have been any other way because of the thinking that was set up in your past.

The intention of this questionnaire is also so you can get some insight into the beliefs taught to you in childhood.  These are the beliefs that physically lie in your brain and are being accessed every time life doesn’t go to plan.  You are about to discover some of your memes.

Remember, if you have any questions, please visit our Q&A Forum and post your question.  You never know when others are asking the exact same question.  Also, if you would like a private answer to a sensitive question, you can email me at support@parentalstress.com.au

Please open up the PDF below to get instructions on how to do this exercise.

PNDR Questionaire

PNDR Questionaire Sample