Week One / Day Three – The real cause of stress


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NB – Most of this lesson is taught  video below.  However the audio component of this video has been included in this lesson’s audio.

Today’s lesson teaches you how you can categorise all of your stress-producing thoughts into four specific views of life.

The four lenses that I will show you have been adapted from a method called The Fountainhead Method, taught by the Anti-depression association of Australia whom I trained with and became one of their senior life coaches.  As well as experiencing depression and anxiety firsthand, I have also worked with many people who have suffered from severe stress-related illnesses too.

Here is a visual of the four lenses that underlie the real cause of stress.


Whenever you are feeling stress, all four lenses will always be there, however one will be more dominant than the other. As you go about your day to day see if you can become aware of just how often you view life through these four lenses and which one of them is your most dominant.

In tomorrow’s video, I’m going to talk a little bit more about stress, depression and anxiety and the relationship between these three illnesses.  You may find that you often swing between having anxiety and depression.  I’m going to show you why this happens.