Week Nine / Day Five – Creating your Plan: Aim #3


NB: There will be no audio for this lesson, as visuals are more relevant to use


Aim #3 – To enjoy being home with my children.

Step One – Setting yourself up for success

If you haven’t already created your daily affirmations to say to yourself in the mirror, go back to Week Seven/Day Seven – Exercise Day: Creating all of your aims to learn how to do this so that you can add them into your action plan.Here are a few affirmations that would suit this aim:

  • I enjoy being a stay-at-home mum
  • I am grateful for all the good things I get to experience as a stay-at-home mum
  • I love my life
  • I am always 100% worthy and my life is valuable just the way it is

Create reminder notes around the house: Create yourself some notes with little reminders that will keep you on track with your goals. These may be notes that remind you of the affirmations you are creating in your mirror affirmation exercise, or it may just be little notes that help you to remember the way towards getting what you want. For example, in regards to enjoying staying at home, you might write notes such as:

  • Everything rises and passes away
  • Can you find the hidden good in the bad?
  • What can I be grateful for right now?
  • Have you planned your next fun activity?


Step Two – Prioritise your list of options

From the previous step – choices, here is the list of options that we had decided would be worth trying and that aligned with the case study’s bigger picture goals. I have taken this list and put it in order of priority (that is, what needs to come first). Your priorities may be different to what I list below. Remember, this is just an example to show you how to do these steps:

  1. Join a mother’s group (after going through the TRACK process in regards to the case study’s fear of making new friends, this has now become the top priority to get out of the house and begin mingling with other mums.).
  2. Set activities up for the kids so that I can have more ‘me’ time.
  3. Enrol the kids in weekly swimming lessons
  4. Take the kids to story time at the library
  5. Play games with the kids that I will enjoy too.
  6. Create a schedule (this can occur once all of the above things are planned, so that they can also be factored into the schedule)


Step Three – Create a Timeline for your prioritise.

  1. Join a mother’s group (weekly)
  2. Set activities up for the kids so that I can have more ‘me’ time. (daily)
  3. Enrol the kids in weekly swimming lessons (weekly)
  4. Take the kids to story time at the library (weekly)
  5. Play games with the kids that I will enjoy too. (daily)
  6. Create a schedule (as soon as possible)


Step Four – The Set up Phase

Questions to ask yourself: What do I need in order to use these options? What preparations do I need to make before I can use it?

  1. Find a mother’s group and join.
  2. Research activities for the kids to do that will occupy them so that I can have ‘me’ time.
  3. Plan time-appropriate things that I can do just for me while the kids are occupied with those activities.
  4. Find a swim school and book the kids in
  5. Call the local library and find out what time and day story time is.
  6. Research games that you and the kids can play and enjoy
  7. Sit down and write lists of all the chores that you need to complete – daily, weekly, monthly and how long each task will take.  Write lists of all the activities you would like to do with you and the kids and for how long.  Write down a list of all the daily things that happen (morning tea, lunch, dinner, sports, school pick up times etc).  Write all these lists before you begin to create your schedule so that everything you need to include in your schedule has been accounted for.

NB:  In Monthly Topic #3 – Getting organised.  You will learn how to apply the Mind TRACK to Happiness process specifically to time management and I will show you how you can create a schedule to suit your lifestyle so that you can feel satisfied that everything is being met in your life – including you!

Step Five – Creating your plan

Below is our revised plan that now includes the action plan for Aim #1 (our breastfeeding aim), Aim #2 (relationship aim) and now, the Aim #3 – to enjoy being a stay at home mum.

Action Plan Layout – Aim #3

So now you have three examples of how an action plan can be created.  Of course these are not thorough plans, as everyone’s situations will be different. It does however, give you an idea of how to create a visual plan that will keep you on track towards achieving the aims that you have set.

Tomorrow’s lesson is the last lesson of the week before you begin to create your own individual plan for your aims.  It is also the lesson that brings us to the end of the explanation of the five steps of The Mind TRACK to Happiness process.

So in tomorrow’s lesson there are a few very important tips that you need to know about the Mind TRACK to Happiness process so that you can implement it correctly into your life and avoid causing more stress.