Week Four / Day Seven – Exercise Day! Changing your own ‘story’


NB – there is no audio available for this exercise 

This whole week you have been learning about step two on the Mind TRACK to Happiness process – REALITY.

We used the Reality thinking model (see below) to show you how you can expand your thinking away from being attached and consumed by what is happening in your life and towards the reality of life.


Now it is your turn to begin changing your ‘story’ and learning how you can look at your problems in a different way.

Here are the steps of this exercise:

  1. Grab your notebook that you’ve been using and turn back to the exercise you did in week two where you began noticing some of the repetitive thoughts that were going through your mind over seven days.
  2. On the page that you kept blank on the right hand side, try to recreate these thoughts using the reality thinking model above.
  3. Do not upgrade any comments that are about self-criticism yet.  You will do that as part of next week’s end of week exercise.

Remember that you always have access to the Q&A Forum to ask any questions that you may have or if you need help getting started.  Sometimes starting is often the hardest but once we get on that role, it starts to snowball as your attention is guided in that direction.

When completing these exercises, a reminder of the following points may be helpful:

  • Try to find how this situation is benefiting you or the kids
  • What is the polar affect of this situation ( where there is bad, there is also good)
  • Is this just part of the highs and lows of my relationship, life, work, being a parent?
  • Has there ever been a time where what I am thinking is not true?
  • Who taught me to believe what I’m thinking and why are they so right?
  • What are you learning from this situation?

You are starting to change your mindset here and that can sometimes be difficult.  Please ask for assistance to help you to apply this information to your specific circumstances.  We are here to help.