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The 28 Day Tame your Temper Challenge


How to stop anger, impatience and frustration from dominating your relationship with your children 

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Starts - Tuesday 7th January, 2020

It's not too late to join. Registrations officially close for latecomers on Thursday 9th Jan


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Do you end your days feeling guilty and ashamed for yelling, smacking,
over-reacting or being mean to your children?

Do you worry you'll damage your children by flying off the handle so often?

Do you cringe when you see the look of fear on your child’s face or when they cower in anticipation of your wrath when they’ve done something wrong?

Are you ready to stop beating yourself up over getting angry every day and take action to change?

The 28 Day Tame your Temper Challenge
This is the last opportunity you'll ever get to join this program!

This parenting program will teach you how to...

  • Understand the roots of your anger and frustrations
  • Learn mindfulness techniques to keep you calm
  • Teach you how to retrain your thoughts, feelings and reactions to the inevitable challenges you face as a parent
  • Understand the fundamentals of what is triggering your child's behaviours
  • Switch from reactive to solution focus in the heat of the moment.

PLUS You will be supported by TWO Qualified Counsellors 7 Days per week for the entire 28 days while you learn 

Here's what The
28 Day Tame your Temper Challenge  includes:

28 Daily lessons containing scripts that teach you what to say when handling those common challenges of parenting 

In just 10 minutes everyday you will listen to a lesson that will teach you to understand your anger and think about the common challenges of parenting in a different way. If you prefer to read, that will be an option for you too. At the end of each lesson will be a summary with an action task to help you apply the information

4 x 30-60 min videos 

What’s really driving your anger? How can you make lasting changes to staying calmer? This weekly video will go deeper into the understanding of anger and give you loads of ‘golden nuggets’ of information and tools that aren’t in the book. These videos are downloadable so you can access them forever!

Closed Facebook group support with Jackie Hall for 28 days + 3 months after the program finishes!

Got questions while you're applying this information? Getting stuck when trying to practice what you're learning?

No problem!  Jackie Hall will be there every day for 28 days, and then 3 months after the challenge is over, to answer any questions you have and to share your journey - your wins, your challenges and your successes along the way.

Plus you'll get these bonuses...

A FREE copy of my Ebook* - 'The 28 Day Tame your Temper Parenting Challenge' 

28 Daily lessons that teach you how to manage your temper and deal with the inevitable challenges of parenting calmly.

*Available as a hard copy for an additional fee upon check out

All weekly videos are downloadable and accessible forever!

There's no time limit to keep to. Although the program is delivered over 4 weeks, all videos and mp3s are downloadable, so you can keep them on hand to go over


Who’s created this program and why can you help me?

"I threw a loaf of bread across the room and slammed a nearby knife on the bench so hard that it bounced off and narrowly missed my toddler's head....

I screamed, “I HATE MY LIFE” and ran out of the kitchen , crying uncontrollably… all with my 6 month old on my hip."

My name is Jackie Hall and I am the Founder of the Parental Stress Centre as well as a qualified counsellor, 5-time international author, mother of two and ex screamer who has had to walk her own talk. 

Nothing you learn from me will ever be taught from any pedestal of perfection. Our motto is Real support, real solutions and no judgements and I stand by that commitment. 

I’ve worked with over 20,000 parents over the last decade teaching them how to manage their own mindset and emotions, as well as their child's, and how to create harmonious relationships with their kids.   

My programs are always designed to give you quick results that will last the long term, providing you keep applying the tools you're learning (as we know repetition and consistency is how the brain learns). 

I am so excited to bring you this program that's going to completely turn your family's interactions with each other to a whole new and exciting level.  

Here’s how the program works:

Each week progressively builds on the next. We give you a range of different tools, strategies and practical approaches you can use to transform your life in a positive way.

Week One:  

Understanding your anger and learning how to stop it

Week one daily lessons: Every day this week will see you recognising how your thoughts contribute to your anger. We’ll give you tasks to become aware of how common challenges trigger specific thoughts that cause you anger

Week one video: This week we delve even deeper into your habitual ‘story’ that underlies all anger and negative emotion. What must I be thinking in order to feel this way? Why does it make sense that I continually go from zero to 100 in a heartbeat? That’s the answers you will get from week one!

Week Two:  

How to change the thinking/feeling trap

Week two daily lessons: This week’s lessons help shift your viewpoint on the challenges that cause you stress.

When the inevitable challenges arise that tend to bog you down, these lessons will help you to stop rolling around in your story and accept the reality of these challenges so you can get pro-active about them.

Week two video: Retrain your mindset to break the habit of thinking/feeling negative about the challenges of parenting (and life)!

Week Three:  

Understand your child’s behaviour and how to get solution focused

Week three daily lessons: Now we jump into the world of your child. What must they be thinking to be behaving this way? Why does it make sense that the dynamics between you and them, or in your family exist? We’ll teach you how to start getting solution focussed about your child’s behaviour.

Week three video: Where is your child at in their brain development? How can you start working WITH your child for increased co-operation, rather than against them. How do you get them to WANT to co-operate with you?

Week Four:  

Putting everything together – a continued life with a tamed temper

Week Four daily lessons: We’ll teach you how to practice using our 5 step TRACK process to keep you TRACKING along with your newfound calm.

Week Four videos: This video will teach you the fundamentals of our 5 step TRACK process and teach you how it can be applied to ALL areas of your life!

Exclusive access:  This program is no longer 
available to the public unless you're a gold member or purchase with this program

A Parent's Manual To Preventing And Resolving Conflict Resolution & Creating Close Bonds Between Siblings

Want to tame your temper AND handle sibling rivalry?  This is the last time you will see this offer to get BOTH programs for the price of one

You will learn...

  • The psychology behind why kids fight (eg what must they be thinking/feeling for them to be interacting this way)
  • How to teach your kids to fight fair and communicate, negotiate and compromise
  • To understand how their brain development will influence their interactions and what you can do about it.
  • How to set up a family culture that inspires love, connection and kindness naturally
  • When to step in and when to let go

Includes 17 videos.  Below is an outline of what you'll learn each week:

Week One - Are you helping or hindering the relationship between siblings?

This is the missing piece that many sibling rivalry resources are not teaching you!  

How we FEEL about sibling rivalry and how we are THINKING about Sibling Rivalry can greatly influence how you REACT to Sibling Rivalry.  

So if you're reacting to the kids with emotions such as anger, resentment, guilt, using criticism or favourtism, or getting triggered from memories of your own childhood,  this is going to make a big difference to how you respond to your children when they fight, and how they learn to deal with conflict. 

This module will help you understand what's going on for you when they fight and how you can deal with your own emotions BEFORE you help them with theirs. 

  • Video #1:  Why sibling rivalry gets parents so worked up
  • Video #2:  How you may be unconsciously encouraging sibling rivalry
  • Video #3:   Rethinking sibling rivalry – how to stop getting frustrated when the kids fight
  • Video #4:  Setting clear intentions and goals for how you want the children to behave.

Week Two:  The REAL Reasons Why Sibling Rivalry Exists In Your Home 

There is a lot more to consider than just the 'he said / she said' when siblings fight or argue. This module will give you so much insight, it will make complete sense why they do what they do to each other.

All human behaviour is a means of communication. This Module helps you to consider that your child's behaviour is telling you a bigger story than you realise.

Could their behaviour be a sign that they need extra help in another area of their lives? Is it telling you they need some new skills? Is it telling you how they're feeling and what they may need to understand their world better?

The answer, is all of the above! In this module, I'm going to teach you to go into observation mode and really understand what's triggering your child to fight with their sibling the way they do.

  • Video #5:  Why it makes sense for kids to fight, even though it feels awful to them 
  • Video #6:  How your child's brain development affects Sibling Rivalry
  • Video #7:  Part 1 - Behaviour = Communication.  What your child is trying to tell you
  • Video #8:  Part 2 - Behaviour = Communication.  What your child is trying to tell you 

Week Three: Paving the Pathway to resolving conflict

It's time to take action! So far, you will have completely understood why your children fight, and will be able to stay calm when they do, which will already see you experiencing a massive shift in family dynamics.

However, now we move into a structured approach to teaching your children conflict resolution skills they'll use forever because not only will they be used in reference to their siblings, but they'll use them in every relationship they encounter, for life!

  • Video #9:  How to model a positive attitude towards conflict
  • Video #10: Conflict is inevitable!  How to teach your kids about conflict.
  • Video #11:  The four pillars of conflict resolution
  • Video #12:  Six steps that teach your kids to resolve disagreements amicably
  • Video #13:  When to step in and when to let them fight it out 

Week Four: Complimentary solutions to Sibling Rivalry

This final section will teach you complimentary tools that will set up a harmonious family environment.  

We'll teach you how to integrate family values as the cornerstone of your family's interactions with each other, how to have family meetings for airing out concerns before they can escalate and implement games and other exercises that create an overall positive environment for kids to feel loved, safe and connected to everyone in the family. 

  • Video #14:  Creating a culture of family values
  • Video #15:  How Family Meetings can shut down conflict before it escalates
  • Video #16:  Exercises that encourage positive family dynamics
  • Video #17:  Families that play together, stay together! Playing games that strengthen sibling bonds
  • Video #18:  Five Steps to Staying Solution Focussed

Sign up now and Save! You'll need to hurry though, as these are the final days.. 28 Day program

It's not too late to join. Registrations officially close for latecomers on Thursday 9th Jan

Why you SHOULDN'T join this program...

What? Why am I telling you not to join this program? I’m not. You are! Because that’s how the mind works. Your mind is coming up with all of the excuses as to why you shouldn’t do this program or why you couldn’t possibly get the results we are offering. Here’s some of the most common arguments you’ll likely be having with yourself:

  • 1
    I don’t have time.
    Time is not about time. It’s about priorities! We’ve had parents who are single parents, parents with high needs children, parents of 5 or more children, parents in FIFO arrangements, and parents that have loads of things going on, get AMAZING results, because they made this a priority. Think about what it’s costing you right now to stay in the emotional place you are? Think about the cost to your children and even your health? What is important here? If you knew that this would change your life, then you would make this a priority and find the time. It’s 10 minutes per day and one hour per week. This is the most do-able program you could possible do!
  • 2
    I can’t afford it.
    Sometimes this is literally the case but most of the time, this is an excuse because you’re not really sure whether it’s going to work for you. So let me remind you of the money back guarantee we have on this. If you DO the program, really throw yourself into it, ask for support, and make it a priority and you don’t change, we will give you a refund. Now if I was to ask you, could you find $99 to change your life, learn how to connect with your kids, get more respect in the home, find better ways to seek co-operation from your kids, have more fun with the kids, enjoy your life as a parent and feel better about yourself, would you say that’s worth $99? Give it a go and see what happens when you really commit to this.
  • 3
    I’m not very tech savvy
    If you can open an email and read facebook then that’s all you need to know. You’re all set.
  • 4
    My situation is more tricky than others
    Everyone has a story and we’ve heard them all. We know the enormous challenges that parents face today because we’ve worked with over 20,000 parents over the last 10 years. This program will work for you whether you have a special needs child, whether you have babies, pre-teens or teenagers, whether you are a single parent, going through a separation or divorce, have a blended family, have one child that’s more demanding than another, or whether you are struggling with depression or anxiety. This program is tailored to being a parent, but what you get from it can be applied to ALL areas of your life, and we are here to help you apply it to all areas of your life too. That’s what the support component is all about.

  • 5
    I never finish anything that I start
    That’s where we come in. We will help give you that nudge you need to keep going. We will help you to remember WHY you signed up for this program. We will help you see results so you’ll WANT to keep going and get more and more out of it. This won’t be like any other program you’ve done before. This program will bring you results!

So now that we’ve got those mental excuses out of the way, are you ready to finally break the cycle of anger, guilt, beating up on yourself and hating the person you’ve become? Join Today and let’s get started! Remember, this is your last chance to do get access to this program. After this round you won't see this program available for purchase again.

Still Skeptical? So was Courtney.


So what will it cost you if you DON'T sign up to this program?

  • You’ll continue to vow everyday you will change, but nothing ever will. You’ll keep running those same patterns and go to bed feeling guilty, ashamed and berating yourself
  • Things will likely get worse as the kids get older
  • As the years go on, you will regret not making the effort to really turn this around
  • You will waste precious years going round and round in circles feeling miserable, stressed, over-reactive and not enjoying the experience of parenting
  • You could look back on your life when the kids are grown and moved out and wished it had’ve been different

Don’t wait another day! Parenting doesn’t have to feel so stressful and draining.

In 28 days, with just 10 minutes a day plus one hour per week, this could all change for you. You really could FEEL GOOD while experiencing the inevitable challenges of raising your children

Why Is This The Final Round Of This Program Ever? 

From 1st March, the Parental Stress Centre will be focussing our attention towards providing offline workshops and supporting our Gold members (which will be the only way you can access our 15 online programs and support from Jackie Hall).

This means we will no longer run live online rounds of each program.

However, access to the programs you have previously purchased prior to 1st March will still be accessible. 

This will not change. 

Dave, Father of Two from Goulburn, NSW


Here's a reminder of what you'll be receiving on this challenge:

  • 28 x daily lessons delivered by email with option to listen through audio  (no more than 10 min per day)
  • 4 x 30-60 minute videos
  • 4 months of Closed Facebook group support from Jackie Hall, professional counsellor 
  • Bonus Ebook:  28 Day Tame your Temper Parenting Challenge
  • All videos delivered in mp3 so you can listen instead of watching

    Total time commitment  for this program is 10 - 15 minutes per day plus 1 hour per week for videos

Most people would easily pay hundreds of dollars if they knew they'd be able to say goodbye to the daily fight with their kids and say hello to a new stress free family environment.  But we're not charging hundreds of dollars.  

This program has two affordable payment options:

pricing options for 
+ BONUS Sibling Rivalry Program

Regular Single Program Price




Or choose 4 x $27.50 weekly payments

  • Lifetime Access to:
  • -  The 28 Day Tame Your Temper Challenge.  Starts 25th November, 2019. 
  • 28 Daily Lessons sent via email with daily follow up tasks
  • Option to Listen to Lessons instead of reading
  • 4 x 30-60 minute videos delivered weekly
  • Support from Two Counsellors x 7 days a week for 28 days + Two months after (Closed FB Group)
  • Printable exercises and tasks with each video (in PDF)
  • All videos downloadable
  • BONUS:  FREE Sibling Rivalry Relief Program, includes:
  • 17 Videos over 4 weeks
  • Printable exercise workbooks for each section (in PDF)
  • All videos downloadable

Australian Dollars

Or Upgrade To Our
FULL Gold Membership

From 1st March, a gold membership will be the only way to participate in PSC programs.

Transform yourself, your kids' behaviour & your relationship, by getting access to
EVERYTHING the PSC teaches
+ a lifetime of support from professional
counsellors 7 days a week!

Regular Gold Price





Or choose 5 x $55 monthly payments


  • Lifetime access To 14 parenting programs
  • Lifetime Access To our Private Community (FB) with two counsellors, 7 days a week
  • Long Arrow Right
    Bi-Monthly webinars with Jackie Hall
  • All Programs Downloadable for offline access
  • All 5 Ebooks by Jackie Hall (in PDF or Kindle)
  • Programs included are:
    - 28 Day Tame Your Temper Parenting Challenge
    - Awakening The Peaceful Parent Within
    - 6 Week Truce Program (for Marital Relationships)
    - 9 Week Happy Mum Support Program
    - 6 Week Stress Free Kids, Stress Free Parenting Program (school aged children)
    - 4 Week Be The Change Program (for Stress, Depression & Anxiety)
    - 12 Week Postnatal Depression Recover Program
    - 5 Week Adjusting to The Change Program
    - 21 Day Give Me Back My Time Program
    - 28 Day Make My Child Listen Program
    - Sibling Rivalry Relief Program
    - Recording of The Wired For Happiness Seminar - How to teach your kids to love life and avoid Stress (3 hours)
    - 30 Day Mindset, Emotions & Mayhem Project)
    -  28 Day Find My Calm Within The Chaos Challenge (for parents of children under 4 years old)

    Australian Dollars

    Take all the risk and worry out of this decision with our 28 day money back guarantee!

    We are committed to helping you tame your temper, and know that a challenge like this can seem dubious. If you don't see any difference within the 28 days, you can just email us and ask for your money back.

    We know our strategies work and we know we can help you, but we also know that you're still learning to trust us. 

    We're happy to back this program with this money back guarantee, so there's no financial risk to you.  

    Bottom line is,  get results or we'll return your money to you. 

    So are you ready to give it a try?



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