For parents who want to take care of their relationship 
as well as their kids


The TRUCE Program 


Bringing back love, connection and alignment between parents

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This course will help you...

  • 1
    It's time to get specific to you and your partner. No more generalising! Discover the beliefs you and your partner run that lead you to conflict, arguments and fighting over the same thing over and over again.   Week one's exercise will see you understanding your partner and why they do what they do and feel how they feel in life, and in their relationship.
  • 2
    In the past 10 days, we only just began exploring the roles of men and women, how such conflict between genders came to be, and what you can do about it. In this course you will get even further insight into why conflict exists in your relationships. 
  • 3
    Whether there's been a specific incident that puts a wedge in your relationship, or an accumulation of little things that keep bugging you over recent weeks and anything in between that you keep bringing up in your arguments, learn the process of forgiveness that will help you to feel ready to resolve conflict and become solution focussed.
  • 4
    Want to learn how to argue amicably without the low blows and name calling?  How does specific steps to effectively discussing your disagreements sound?  That's what you'll get in this program.  We also teach you the art of negotiation, and how to compromise and recognise the difference between good and bad compromise.   
  • 5
    The Truce Program spends time specifically investigating what you and your partner want for your children and helps you to align on how to approach your parenting so that you're both raising your children the way you think is best where you don't need to undermine each other, argue in front of them, or send them mixed messages. 
  • 6
    If you enjoyed having a professional counsellor to bounce your ideas from, and work through your specific scenarios, who is experienced at working with parents, couples and who's walked her own talk in her own relationship of 22 years, then that's exactly what you'll get over six whole weeks!! 
  • 7
    Sometimes you spend a lot of money seeing a counsellor and talking about the problems in your relationship and getting nowhere fast.  With The Truce program, you're going to learn about why your relationship problems exist and learn specific strategies to improving your relationship. You'll learn how to have a relationship, instead of just how to resolve one or two problems.  

Here's what The Truce Program (Self-paced) includes:

Weekly videos 

Over 6 weeks you will receive weekly videos (approximately 1 to 1.5 hours long) that will progressively teach you how to understand your relationship issues and how to overcome them.

Homework excercises to apply what you've learnt 

Weekly homework to assist you in applying what you’ve learned.

For your reference, each week we will email you a PDF containing the most recent session’s key slides and homework sheets.

Plus get these bonuses...

A FREE copy of my Ebook* -
'What's in it for me?' -
Why giving your partner more of what they want, will get you more of what you need

With examples and real life accounts of clients and experiences of couples, as well as  Jackie Hall's experience of her own 22 year relationship, this book will give you even more tips, advice and strategies to follow that will improve your relationship.

*Available as a hard copy for an additional fee upon check out

All videos available as audios to save time

Not everyone has time to sit at a computer and watch a video, so we've converted all videos into downloadable mp3 files so you can listen to them while driving, exercising or multi-tasking, so you don't need to allocate time you don't have to learning.  

All weekly videos are downloadable and accessible forever!

There's no time limit to keep to. Although the program is delivered over 6 weeks, all videos and mp3s are downloadable, so you can keep them on hand to go over forever!



How will these 6 weeks of material improve my relationship?

Week One:  Why it makes sense your relationship gets into conflict

Duration: 1h 11m

This week is about introducing you to how individuals think, why they get upset, what causes conflict in general and what causes conflict between men and women in particular. You will learn:

  • How to better understand how your partner thinks

  • The real causes of conflict with couples and how to avoid them

  • How your beliefs and upbringing can contribute to your relationship difficulties without you even realizing it

  • How to identify the key beliefs and thinking behind why you and your partner argue and fight

Week Two:  

Gender differences

Duration: 1h 16m

  • How to better understand gender differences and how they contribute to the conflict in a relationship
  • Why gender roles can cause conflict in parenting and how to deliberately redefine those roles in your relationship to avoid conflict in the future

  • How to identify both your and your spouse’s gender beliefs and how to bring them into agreement

Week Three:  

Moving forward

Duration: 1h 51m

  • How you reached this point in your relationship and how to repair it

  • The transition from pre-parent to parent and the effects that has on mum AND dad

  • How to take responsibility for being part of the cause of the conflict in your relationship

  • How you can unknowingly teach people how to treat you - with examples

  • How to let go of the past, offer genuine forgiveness and move on from past hurt

  • How to become part of the solution instead of part of the problem
  • Week Four:  

    Preparing for Change

    Duration: 1h 51m

  • How to set up the foundation for real, lasting change in your relationship

  • How to discover exactly what you and your partner really want and need in a relationship

  • How to begin communicating much more effectively – including how women can communicate better with men and how men can communicate better with women 

  • Week Five:  

    Recreating your relationship

    Duration: 1h 09m

    • Understanding the true arts of negotiation and compromise and the differences between them

    • How to tell the difference between good compromise and bad compromise

    • The four steps to finding a solution to a problem without resorting to fighting

    Week Six:  

    Love, connection and alignment

    Duration: 1h 11min

    • How to pull it all together for lasting relationship change

    • How to apply our 5 step Mind TRACK to Happiness process to improve your relationship dramatically
    • How to use the same process to align with your spouse on child discipline and set goals for raising your children

    • How to continue your journey as an aligned, connected couple

    About the Author, JACKIE HALL

    My name is Jackie Hall and I am the Founder of the Parental Stress Centre as well as a parental coach.  I am also wife and life partner to Steve, and mother of two boys Cody, 14 and Ryan, 13.

    I’ve been with my husband and best friend Steve for over half of my life – 23 years. We have grown into adults together. We have both changed and grown as individuals, multiple times and we have had to re-negotiate the terms of our relationship multiple times.

    Steve and I have what I consider to be the perfect relationship. Is that because we never argue? No. It’s because we know how to resolve conflict as it arises and stay connected through thick and thin. It is because we have learned the art of communication, negotiation and compromise. It is because we have gotten to know, respect, understand and accept the other person’s wants, needs and personality.

    And it’s because we work with each other instead of against each other on problems.

    We have shared many challenges together. We have worked through depression, severe anxiety, financial struggles and the crazy years when we had two very young children who were born close together.

    In addition to my personal experience, I have also worked as a couples counselor, helping thousands of couples understand each other better and communicate more effectively.

    Now I want to help you improve your marriage.

    What People have experienced with
    The Truce program...



    Rebecca came to the Parental Stress Centre because she was at the point of almost having an affair. She thought the grass was greener on the other side and all she could see was what she wasn’t getting in her relationship and how another person could potentially give that to her.

    When she learnt our methods, she realised how loyal and loving her partner was, and how much he actually adored her. She learnt to understand him, talk to him, negotiate and compromise. She learnt that it was SHE who had to make a lot of the changes, where all this time she had been blaming him for everything. He still had to change too, but Rebecca realised it was a two-way street.

    Rebecca almost left for another man who she came to realise could never give her what her husband was already giving to her and her family. They are still happily married  10 years on!



    His wife would speak to him with complete disrespect, never valued his work and how much he provided for her, always nagged him that he wasn’t home enough to help with their 4 kids. What’s worse was the kids were starting to mimic her ways of treating him.

    Tony turned it all around when he realised that his wife didn’t feel listened to and had loads of reference points of him not pulling his weight and leaving everything up to her.  He learnt to be able to see where she was coming from and look beyond her words. He started to help her articulate with more clarity what she wanted, took the time to understand her, learnt how to ask for what HE wanted, and to communicate more effectively.

    The name calling stopped and while they still argue from time to time (like all couples do), their relationship is thriving and they’re continuing to work on their issues with active back and forth conversation, instead of fighting over the same things and continually hurting one another.



    Her relationship was over….or so she’d decided. She moved into another room and began to make preparations to move out. She was handed our book, “What’s in it for me?” by a neighbour. She began talking with her husband and realising her part in the problem and how to communicate with him about how to BOTH get what they wanted. She’s now moved back into the bedroom and they are continuing to rebuild their relationship.

    How much would you expect to pay for advice and information that quite literally could save your marriage?

    Divorce is expensive - both monetarily but more devastatingly, emotionally (for you, your spouse and the kids).

    Plus, if you went to a marriage counselor you would most likely have to pay £60 - £90 an hour or more. And, you’d have to carve time out of your busy schedule to get to the counselor’s office.

    Our program is completely online so that you can complete it on your own schedule. You’ll also enjoy the anonymity that comes with being over the computer, instead of having to go someplace in person.

    Certainly, considering all of this many parents wouldn’t even consider a fee of thousands of dollars to be unreasonable! But relax you won’t have to pay near that much to attend the Truce Program online.

    Sign up and choose from the following two options:

    Save with an Upfront option

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      Pay upfront and pay just £120 
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      Lifetime access with on-demand download

    Economiser Payment plan

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      Pay 6 x £22 weekly payments
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      Lifetime access with on-demand download              
    See improvement within 30 days, or get your money back!

    We are so confident we can help you learn more about creating love, connection and alignment in your relationship that if you are not happy with the information within 30 days into the program, we will give you your money back!

    That’s how confident we are that if you join this program you will gain amazing insight into why your relationship is at where it’s at as well as discover a proven pathway to change IF you apply what is being taught.

    Just remember: you have to make an effort! So often clients want a quick fix, but you have to do the work. Don’t worry, we will give you homework and exercises to apply that will keep you on track to success.

    You will have all the information you need to create changes in your relationship. But the commitment part will be up to you. You will only get out of it what you are willing to put in.

    Is the quality of your relationship and the happiness of your family worth £20 per week for 6 weeks?  

    Chances are you spend more than that small amount on frivolous items each week. Do you buy fast food meals … expensive coffee at a coffee shop … unneeded clothes or other items?

    If so, just cut back for just six weeks and you can have a better, healthier, happier relationship. Many, many parents who have gone through a divorce would jump at that chance!

    Ask yourself this:

    How do you feel about the effect your relationship is having on your children. Does it sit well with you? Or would you like to be a better role model for how to have a relationship?

    Are you happy for your kids to be learning the same conflict resolution skills that you and your partner model? Would you want your child’s husband or wife to talk to them the way you and your partner talk to each other? Would you like them to experience the same amount of love, affection and connection that you and your partner share?

    We can help you communicate with your partner about what you want and help them get what they want in your relationship

    We can help you to heal any past hurts

    We can help you align on your parenting discipline and how you want to raise your children and

    We can help show you how to deal with the inevitable disagreements without fighting

    Imagine for a moment what your relationship was like at the beginning. It was exciting, loving and enjoyable. You and your spouse were connected, sharing, communicative, on the same page.

    What if it could be like that all over again … WITH kids?

    The Truce Program can turn that dream into reality.

    Join now!

    Remember, this program includes:

    • The “What’s in it for me?” ebook
    • 6 x Weekly Videos (1 to 1.5 hours each). Downloadable to keep forever
    • Links to listen to audios of the weekly videos (all downloadable)
    • Weekly homework tasks plus PDF worksheets

    To your happiness,

    Jackie Hall


    P.S. Think about the kids! They are always watching and listening. Make sure they see how to have an amazing relationship by discovering the secrets revealed in The Truce Program.

    P.P.S. Remember, you can save money by paying in full now. You'll need to Hurry and register before the class fills up – attendance is limited.

    P.P.P.S Also remember, that you are making this purchase at absolutely no risk. If the Truce Program isn’t everything you were expecting, simply notify me and I will refund your money immediately.

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