The Happy Mom Handbook

I had the fairytale – the husband, the two healthy children, the house and everything you dream of growing up as a little girl, but something was wrong. I was angry, irritable, sad, lonely and depressed. Motherhood was not how I had envisaged it.

This led to 6 months of riding an emotional roller coaster of loving motherhood, hating motherhood and in between, getting angry, throwing tantrums (me and the children), feeling guilty over my anger, being extremely self-critical and then hating myself for the person I had become.

After a particular incident where I had slammed a knife on the kitchen bench so hard it bounced off and narrowly missed my son’s head, I knew something needed to change.

Hi, my name is Jackie Hall I and I am the author of The Happy Mum Handbook. If you can relate to any of the above description of how I felt, then this book is for you!

Motherhood can be tough. Your emotions are put through the ringer and your life is turned upside down. Nothing is ever the same after having children. And while people will tell you that, no one can prepare you for the massive changes that occur after having children.

But this change need not be full of tears, depression, anxiety or stress, because what you are about to discover is exactly how I changed from that miserable, cranky, unhappy woman I had become that was far from the mother I wanted to be, into a calm, happy mum who was able to accept and love herself, regardless of what was happening in her life.


Author of The Happy Mum Handbook

Free yourself from motherhood stress and teach your kids to be happy at the same time!

The Happy Mum Handbook is the new bible for mothers.
The book that every mother should have as she navigates through the challenges of motherhood.

How can this book help you?

After personally suffering from motherhood stress, depression and more often than not – a lot of anxiety, I went on a journey of self-discovery and found a method that completely transformed and changed the way I parented and the way I felt about myself and my life.

I have learnt firsthand that there IS a way to be a happy mum and the positive role model you want to be and it is the most amazing and liberating feeling a mum could have.

Now I know this might be sounding too good to be true and perhaps a little sensational, but listen closely because this method works, but for some reason it just hasn’t been taught in society. I was so excited at the benefits this method has given me (which I will tell you about later) and the way I now parent but was also disappointed this information wasn’t readily available to mums, so I decided to write about it and educate mums on this must have information myself.

At last…
The Happy Mum Handbook

The ONLY parenting handbook that takes you by the hand and teaches you exactly how to handle the emotional and mental challenges that come with being a mum. No more waiting for your child to behave or reach a certain developmental age before you can enjoy motherhood and feel like a woman outside of being a mum.

With The Happy Mum Handbook these feelings are a thing of the past. There are so many benefits to using this book that you will wonder why there hasn’t been another book like this. Here are just some of the personal benefits you will get from reading this valuable handbook:

  • Learn a simple 5 step solution focussed method to handling every challenge encountered in motherhood
  • Prevent stress, depression or anxiety from becoming a part of your life using the method taught by the Anti-depression Association of Australia
  • Say goodbye to feeling like your identity is lost and say hello to a new you!
  • Discover how to make time-out a priority without feeling motherhood guilt
  • Say goodbye to boredom and feeling consumed by motherhood
  • Reconnect and communicate with your marital partner and create a harmonious family
  • Learn how to raise your self-esteem and know that you are always 100% worthy!
  • Handle tantrums, lack of sleep, attitude, or any other developmental or behavioural problem with your child – without anger, frustration and helplessness
  • Avoid the pressure of being the perfect parent
  • Stop self-criticism and fear of being a bad mother
"But I don't have time to read a book!"

Well that’s okay, because this book is extremely time friendly.

Being a mum myself, I understand that time is limited and I thought about this when I designed this book. Here’s the solution – you don’t have to read the entire book at once to get help! I have designed this book into two parts. The first part is the explanation of the 5 step process that I use to overcome any challenge in motherhood and the second part has been separated into topics. After reading Part A and becoming familiar with the process, you can choose the area of your life that is presenting the most challenges for you right now and then just read that chapter. Each chapter in Part B stands on its own. What other practical benefits are included?

  • As mentioned, there are just 5 steps that you can use over and over with ANY stressful situation that presents itself in your life, whether that be in motherhood or in your life in general
  • This method is REALITY BASED – no law of attraction, spiritual hype – it’s real life, cannot be argued with, solution focussed, scientifically reinfoced information that works!
  • Real-life issues that are relative to being a mum of young children are used
  • Case Study stories are used to explain the information to keep you interested, so you aren’t bored with theoretical concepts.
  • Exercises are at the end of each step of the process so that you can apply this method to your life and to your specific situation. It’s almost like I’m literally holding your hand while you change your life!
Topics covered in The Happy Mum Handbook
  • Understanding the real cause of stress, depression and anxiety in motherhood using the method taught by the Anti-depression Association of Australia
  • Getting rid of anger and guilt
  • Behavioural and developmental challenges with your child
  • Self worth versus self-esteem
  • Time out and time management
  • Loss of identity and how to reclaim it
  • Your marital relationship now you’re parents

Just imagine minutes from now what you will be learning if you purchase our ebook version, or days from now when you receive your hard copy of The Happy Mum Handbook in the mail.
You could be feeling free from motherhood stress, start working towards creating the life that you want to have and start raising happy and healthy minded kids.