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How To Wire Your Child's Mind For Happiness

The Top Five Habits to install in your child so they love life and avoid stress


At the 'Wired for Happiness' Seminar you'll learn how to ...

#1  Help your child with their emotions

You'll learn why your child gets so caught up in their emotions and how to help them when they do

#2  Teach your child how to be happy

You'll learn the specific ingredients needed for a child to develop a mindset that generates feelings of happiness, gratitude and joy by default

#3  Use simple, easy-to-remember exercises to train your child's mind for happiness

You'll leave armed with simple and effective communication strategies and exercises that you can practice with your child so they develop a positive mindset for life! 

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A unique parenting seminar that teaches you the science behind how to program your child's mind to love life and avoid stress

Adelaide Seminar
Sunday 29th July, 2018
9.00am - 12.00pm

Adelaide Convention Centre

North Terrace, Adelaide

Lower level 1

Riverbank Room 7

Who is The 'Wired for Happiness' Seminar For?

Calling all Mums, Dads, Grandparents, Family members, Babysitters and Child care providers of all aged children!  This seminar is for all child influencers!

The reality of today's child in today's world, is that it's dramatically different to when we were growing up  20/30/40+ years ago.  Life has gotten more complicated and gone are the days where a child can simply be 'punished' to teach them how to behave.

There's no doubt that we still want the old school results - respect, resilience, co-operation, manners and children who are independent, responsible and capable, but the old school approach does not work for the majority of children and this seminar is going to show you why this is so, and how to approach parenting in a different way.

Children today are smarter, more strong willed, more aware, more knowledgeable, but less emotionally prepared than ever, and the statistics (stated below) are showing us evidence of this.   Technological advances, alongside social media, are literally shaping a child's brain very differently and more quickly than ever before. 

Adolescence doesn't even really start in early teens anymore. It can be as early as 8 years old!  Are you ready for that?

As every paradigm around you changes - education, media, politics, money, social structures, religion, gender roles - it is inevitable that our parenting needs to change too.  

Parents are in the middle of this transition, desperately trying to navigate their way through the changes, and help their child grow up happy and resilient, but are often at a loss as to how to do it in this crazy world.

Are you still beating your head against a brick wall with old school approaches that aren't working and are only causing you to be angrier, overwhelmed and far from the calm role model you know your child needs?

Then, The 'Wired for Happiness'  Seminar is the answer you've been looking for. 

We will teach you how to bridge that gap between the old school and the new school, and in the process help you to know how to wire your child's mind for happiness, joy, gratitude, self-confidence and the ability to deal with life's inevitable challenges. 

What if I have an older child or teenager?

This seminar is for you too!   A child's mind does not fully develop until the age of about 25, and even then, their mindset is not set in stone. While it's true that the younger we can reach our children, the better, that doesn't mean if your child is already displaying loads of emotions, stress, depression or anxiety, that it's too late.

This seminar will teach you how to reverse your child's mindset (and even yours) if it is stuck in negativity and emotional stress, depression or anxiety.

This is one seminar that EVERY parent needs to attend if they are fully invested in their child's happiness

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