Terms and Conditions of Sale

Terms and conditions of purchasing PSC Programs and products.

By purchasing or registering for any of the Parental Stress Centre of Australia’s book or programs, I understand I have agreed to the following payment terms for my registration:

  1. When purchasing a program (live or self-paced) this is a morally binding agreement and payments can only be refunded on a pro rata basis whether the program has commenced or not, or whether I have accessed the member’s area or not. The first week’s payment of $28 will not be refunded as this covers the cost of the book and administration.
  2. I understand the Parental Stress Centre of Australia will teach me how to recognise my own behaviour and learn how to change my mindset. I will be given tools, techniques and homework which I will need to apply, for me to see results. This course by no means should replace any current therapy or medication you are taking and results are dependent upon the effort you put in.
  3. The Parental Stress Centre of Australia understands circumstances can change, and if in the event you are unable to commence or continue your program with us once payment has been made, please advise us in writing and you will be transferred to the next course available. If you are on a payment plan, payments will continue as per your normal payment schedule and then the transfer will be made. If you are wanting a refund, please refer to the section below under the ‘Money back guarantee/Refund’ section.
  4. If paying for a program by payment plan, I understand that if, for any reason whatsoever, I do not make a full and complete payment, then I may no longer be eligible for this payment plan and I may be fully responsible for the total sum immediately.
  5. I understand that if my payments are not deducted as per our agreement due to unforeseen circumstances, it is my responsibility to let the Parental Stress Centre of Australia know and to continue payments in another manner (bank transfer or cheque) until the automatic payments are re-instated.
  6. If paying by payment plan and my payments consistently decline and my account is in default, I will also be responsible for any additional fees charged by the registered Collection Agency or legal team to handle receiving the full outstanding amount due.
  7. If paying by payment plan, I understand I am being charged in Australian dollars and the actual charge on my credit card will change each month depending on the exchange rate from Australian Dollars into my own currency at the time of the banks processing.
  8. I understand that by registering for any of the self-paced of live Parental Stress Centre of Australia prorams, that I am committed to doing the home work and applying what I have learnt as I am aware that this is how I will make changes.
  9. The intent of the material presented by The Parental Stress Centre of Australia is only to offer information of a general nature to help you in your quest for emotional well-being. It is not intended to be a substitute for any psychological, financial, legal, or any other professional advice. In the event you use any of the information in this program for yourself, the author and publisher or anyone associate with the Parental Stress Centre assume no responsibility for your actions. If expert assistance or counselling is needed, the services of a competent medical or psychological professional should be sought.

Shipping Policy

All hardcopy books will be shipped within 3 business days of purchase. All books are sent through Australia Post and the Parental Stress Centre of Australia is not help accountable once the item has been shipped.

Product Replacement Policy and Costs

All products are guaranteed against defects. We will gladly replace any products found defective for up to 14 days, so please check your product/s within that time frame.

Money Back Guarantee/Refund

We do offer a money back guarantee. However, money will only be refunded if you have reached the end of the course, we can see you have opened your emails, participated in the Facebook group (or contacted us directly with any questions or concerns you have), attended the live webinars and completed the homework.

Our money back guarantee is in place only for those who have genuinely and actively participated in the entire program and then decided it hasn’t helped them. We do not offer a refund simply because of change of mind. Please refer to term 3 for a pro rata refund.

By continuing with your payment, you hereby agree to the terms above and you understand and agree to adhere to the terms laid out by the Parental Stress Centre of Australia.