Is it really possible
to be successful pursuing the
'work from home' dream?

Yes!  Let me show you how...

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Starts Monday 5th February, 2018
at 8.30pm AEDST (Melbourne / Sydney time)

Ever wanted to explore the option of working from home, being in charge of your time, deciding on your income threshold, take holidays when YOU want to, and be home more for the kids, but didn't think it was possible?  

Over five days we will guide you to explore the different ways to work from home with legitimate income opportunities where you can release yourself from the limits of 'the daily grind' and take back control of your life.

What you'll discover over 5 days

  1. Is a work from home business really for you? 
  2. How to find the right business to match your passion and skillset
  3. The different legitimate work from home business opportunities and how to find one that works for you
  4. What does it take to run your own 'at home' business
  5. Ten beliefs that will prevent you from starting or growing your work from home business

 Jackie Lowater 



I loved Jackie’s “Work from Home” mini-course.  As a mother who already runs a home business, I am looking to either expand my existing business, or add another arm to my business.  Jackie gave so much valuable information, from options of ways to work from home, tips to find your passion, mindsets that may be holding you back, and so much more.  This course would be useful for anyone, from someone who has not even really considered working from home before, to those like myself who already do.  I have even found it really useful for my existing business.  I am excited by the prospects and possibilities that will unfold as I apply all the information.  Thank you Jackie!

How will we deliver this information over 5 days?

  1. Each day starting from Monday 5th Feb, I will be running an online webinar at 8.30PM AEDST (Melbourne / Sydney time).  You can sign up for it by clicking the 'register now' button below. Sessions will run from 30-40 minutes each

  2. After each lesson, there will be some action steps for you to take, to help you to consider what work from home business you would like and whether its for you or not

  3. Throughout the 5 days, you can ask me questions about what you're learning through our closed Facebook group , connect with others exploring this as an option too, and find out more about how the information relates to your specific situation. 

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Who am I and why am I qualified to talk about creating your own successful work-from-home business?

My name is Jackie Hall and I'm the Founder of the Parental Stress Centre.  In 2007 my children were 6months old and 22months old and I was working 3-4 days a week in my husband's business, and spent the rest of the time running around after the kids.

I knew that by the time the kids were ready for school, that I wanted to be working from home so I could drop them off, pick them up, go to their athletics carnivals and be there for any presentations or special days. I wanted to be home with them on school holidays and I didn't want someone else dictating what my hours were going to be and if I was able to take a day off if my child was sick. 

So in 2007, I began what was then called, 'Self Help for mums' and I created my business over the next 11 years into a 6 figure business that evolved into The Parental Stress Centre of Australia.

I have walked my talk and have learnt what it takes to build my own work-from-home business.  I have had to work through my own doubts, challenges and have counselled others in their own mindset and how to believe in themselves and now I'm transcending this wisdom into the world of helping parents kickstart their own businesses too.

I want to get you thinking about the possibility of you working from home too, how that might look for you, and how you can get started.   I want you to feel the freedom of working for yourself and deciding when you're going to spend time with your family - live life on your terms!

Why is the Parental Stress Centre running this 5 day info session on creating a 'work from home business'?

We have worked with over 30,000 parents over the last 11 years and we have found that the #1 stress for parents, is most commonly triggered by work and money related first, and kids and relationships second.

Because I have personally built my business from the ground up, I have developed a plethora of knowledge and skills that can benefit someone just starting out in their own business. 

It is a passion of mine to help people to get to where they want to go and break through their limitations to reach the other side.  Essentially, I love seeing people pursue their passions and improve their lives. 

We are helping so many parents to find emotional peace and happiness in their families, so we thought the icing on the cake would be to help parents find financial peace too.  

At the end of the 5 days, we will be offering you a reputable and legitimate business opportunity that we will be sharing with you IF you are interested, however you do not have to be willing to explore our offer to benefit from this 5 day session.

The idea of this challenge, and the information we're sharing on this topic is designed to help anyone explore, start, grow and prosper from any work from home business. 

Starts Monday 5th Februay, 2018.  
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