The REAL cause of Postnatal depression…



on why it makes sense

that you have postnatal depression

Which situation applies to you?

Scenario One“Depression has always been a regular and/or periodic part of my life and it’s come up again now that I’m a parent

Scenario Two“I just don’t understand why I even have depression. I’ve always been an achiever. I’ve always gotten my life right and worked things out. I’ve no idea why I’m finding parenting so hard. What’s wrong with me?”

Scenario Three“I’ve had so many traumatic things happen to me in my time as a parent, it’s little wonder that I have postnatal depression. But I’ve no idea how to change it.”

Scenario Four“All this stuff is coming up from when I was a kid. I’m scared I’m going to be a bad parent/make mistakes like my parents did.

Postnatal depression can be very confusing.  The most common explanation of it from society is “the chemical imbalance in the brain”.  But what if there’s more to it than that?

In this FREE VIDEO PRESENTATION you will learn:

  • Why it makes complete sense that you have postnatal depression
  • Where it came from
  • Why you still feel depressed even when you have no reason to feel that way
  • Why your brain is doing exactly what it’s meant to be doing
  • The difference between stress, depression and anxiety
  • How you can easily swing between depression and anxiety from moment to moment
  • And, How to retrain your brain to be depression free

This video contains no hype. It is reality based, factual, no nonsense information that MAKES SENSE.

There’s no pyschological baffle that you won’t understand.  It’s straight forward information to help you to understand the root cause of stress, depression and anxiety.

This video has been written and produced by Jackie Hall – author, speaker, mum and ex-sufferer of postnatal depression and anxiety, who now works with clients with severe cases of stress, depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol addictions, so you’re getting both her personal ability to teach in laymens terms, AND her professional understanding of what depression is.

The reality is that depression never just hits any particular demographic. It can effect anyone, and after this video it will make sense why it’s come into your life and what you can do about it.

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