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​What Our Parents Say:

I felt stressed, angry and unappreciated in my life

'I found the Parental Stress Centre through Facebook at a time where I felt stressed, angry and unappreciated in my life. Feeling like I had nothing to lose, I initially took on the 28 Day Tame Your Temper challenge, which completely changed my view of my children and my family. This inspired me to complete further courses with PSC over the following months and I can feel and see the benefits in my life every day. I am closer to my children and my husband, and feel like I can cope with life even when it doesn't go to plan.

The range of support from Jackie and the PSC was fantastic, from emails and live chats to Facebook groups and messenger. Having completed the courses I still feel able to discuss things with other past participants via Facebook when I'm having a challenging day, and it's great to know I'm not alone.

I'm very grateful to Jackie and the PSC for the huge improvement in my life and my relationship. I can't speak highly enough of their work.'

Angela A, South Australia

I owe my life, and my marriage to Jackie and the team...

You hear many people say flippant things like ‘it has changed our lives’ or ‘I'm a better person because of …’. In this instance, it truly has changed our lives, we are a graduate of just about every one of Jackie's offerings, including a Happy Mum program, The Truce program (which is all about how to deal with our Significant other), the 28 day Tame your Temper, Stress Free Kids, and more, all in the space of just a few years.

As a bloke, the Truce Program has changed the way I perceive my wife, and has helped me understand a little more about what women want. As a dad, it has helped me understand more about my kids, their thought patterns and I now have the knowledge, and the toolkit, to help me to understand why things happen the way they do, and how best to approach them. I'm by no means a perfect husband and father, every day of the week, but I know how to change my mindset when I feel the stress starting to build. This is what the PSC has done for me.

The support through the online groups, which are totally private, has been just phenomenal. They are a safe place where I can offer my uniquely male perspective and be supported, empathised with, and uplifted to become a better dad. It is these groups which have supported me through Perinatal Depression, and empowered me to be more vocal about men's role in the family unit, and men's mental health. I owe my life, and my marriage to Jackie and the team. And that is no understatement. Gents, get involved in the Parental Stress Centre and their teachings, it will change the way you perceive both relationships, and fatherhood. For the better.

Dave Banham
Husband & Father of Two

I went to a dark place that I could not get myself out of...

When I had my second child, I went to a dark place that I could not get myself out of. I knew I did not want to feel this way and had to do something. I thought I was failing in every aspect of my life and was just completely hopeless.

Completing the courses from PSC and having the continual ongoing support from Jackie and her team has been the best the thing I have done for not just for myself, but my family also. My life has been completely turned around. I have learnt to love & respect myself & to embrace every challenge in life. I am so much more understanding & compassionate towards others now. I’ve learnt that my life will have ups & downs but I have the personal strength & knowledge to get through any experience.

The strategies that the PSC teach are life long changes that you can implement on a daily basis in every area of your life.

The courses provide you with information to help you grow as a person and reach the goals that’s you have in your life. I now have a healthy mindset and am loving being a mum.

Nicole Lehmann, VIC

​No Questions Asked, 30-DAY, 100% Money-Back Guarantee

We know that investing in yourself can be daunting, especially as a parent when there are so many things pulling at your purse strings. We also know that our programs change lives, so we're willing to back this offer with a No questions asked 30-Day-Money-back guarantee.

Try our membership for 30 days and if you don't like it,you can have your money back - no questions asked!

That means you’ll have one full month to put this membership to the test. Either “find your calm” and become a more patient parent or get your money back! We can’t be any fairer than that!

With the DIY Lifetime Access 'Bring My Family Calm' Membership You’ll Gain Instant Access to 10 Highly Popular Programs All Designed to Improve Parent-Child Relationships!

These specially crafted, unique programs will help you handle the common challenges you face with your children AND within yourself, no matter what stage age or stage your children are at in their life.


Our signature program, 'The 28 Day Tame your Temper Parenting challenge' helps you to curb your anger and parent with calm and connection. This program helps you get to the core of why you go from 0 to 100 in a nanosecond and teaches you how to convert your habitual angry responses into parental calm.

Help with baby/toddler stage

'The 28 Day Find my Calm within the Chaos challenge' & 5 week Adjusting to the Change Program teaches you to be the calm eye in the tornado that comes with raising babies and toddlers. As well as working on your own emotional reactions to typical baby/toddler antics, we also help you to address situations like tantrums, no co-operation, when your baby isn't sleeping and more.

Help through the school years

The 8 week 'Stress Free Kids, Stress Free parenting program' & The 28 Day Make My Child Listen Challenge helps you to jump into the world of children who suddenly have opinions, attitudes, wants, and desire for independence - teaching you how to align, negotiate, compromise, communicate and teach them valuable life lessons for adulthood. This program is specifically for parents of children aged 4 to teens.

Emotionally overwhelmed with everything?

We know that parents are feeling it in all areas - within themselves, in handling their child's behaviour, in their relationships, in their time management? We've got you covered with our 9 week 'Happy Mum Support program' that covers everything - dads you can definitely join this one too. We also have our 12 week Postnatal Depression Recovery program, specifically tailored to those suffering from anxiety and depression, and we have our shorter 4 week BE the Change program that helps with emotions and moving on from the past.

Dealing With Conflict In Your Relationship

The 6 week Truce program is all about relationships. Typically it focusses on marital relationships, but its concepts can be applied to family, friends or even work colleagues. Learn to understand relationship dynamics, how to break toxic interactions, how to communicate, negotiate and compromise better and generally create alignment in all your relationships.

NEED MORE TIME? Get organised and get more YOU time

"I don't have time to......" is the catchphrase of most parents. 'The 21 Day Give me back my Time program' handles time management very differently to traditional methods. We help you get inside your mind to discover the real core of why you are so time poor. It will help you re-prioritise your wants and needs with a new mindset, and THEN we help you create a schedule that fits everything in so there's no more guilt that something (or someone) is not getting your attention.

NOTE: All of our programs come with downloadable videos and homework pdfs to help you to apply the information you're learning. The 28 and 21 day challenges also come with daily lessons via email, ebook and also audio. 

These Programs Are Just What You Need to Raise a Happy, Successful, Secure Child … & To Have Fun While You Are Doing It! You’ll Save Frustration & Stress & Eliminate the Uncertainty That Comes With Being a Parent Today!

Don’t forget, by ordering now you’ll also receive 3 bonus gifts, including this one:


The #1 thing you will learn with our 'Bring my Family Calm' membership is ... RESILIENCE!

You'll gain an ability to bounce back from anything that life throws your way without over-reacting or losing control - mentally, physically or emotionally. As much as we want life to be perfect, the reality is, it won't be, so we need to approach parenting in way that will allow us to...

The Happy Mum Handbook

Covers everything you need to know about alleviating stress, depression and anxiety, as well as dealing with child behaviour, loss of identity, anger management, relationships, time management and more!

The 28 Day Tame your Temper Parenting Challenge

Covers everything you need to know about alleviating stress, depression and anxiety, as well as dealing with child behaviour, loss of identity, anger management, relationships, time management and more!

​What's in it for me? Relationship Rescue

This book gives you all the information you need to help you create an aligned, loving and connected relationship with your partner. These skills will flow into your relationships with friends, family, and even work colleagues

A Parent's Guide to Finding your Lost identity

This book doesn't just help you to find your lost identity, it helps you to redefine it! Often parents have out-dated reference points and attachments to who they used to be. It's time to update who you are and align it with who you want to be as a parent.

​A Parent's Guide to Balance and getting more YOU time

This book helps you to delve into your mindset in regards to time and helps you identify the limiting beliefs causing you to think that you 'don't have time'. We help you to prioritise, figure out what's important, and then create a schedule that connects the things you have to do with the things you want to do, so that nothing (or no one) gets left behind.


Parents often feel guilty about spending money on themselves or worry they won't have time to do the programs even if they do make themselves a priority. So we want to help you realise that you can actually be MORE for you kids than you are allowing yourself to be. 

These three FREE bonuses will teach you how, and cannot be found or purchased anywhere else on this website! 

Wired for Happiness Seminar Recording 

In 2018, Jackie Hall went on tour around Australia, running 3-hour seminars for parents teaching them the fundamentals to wiring your child's mind for happiness and teaching them how to love life. This program is the pre-recording of that seminar, along with the pdf of all the slides, and the audio of the video.

30 Day Mindset,
Emotions & Mayhem

30 Days of short videos (4-7minutes) with Jackie Hall teaching you how to find your calm and handle the many common challenges that arise when raising your children.

TYT Fast Track
(2 hour video)

Feeling too angry, too often for your liking?

This 2 hour video will explain why and how to become calmer when facing the inevitable challenges of raising children. It's the fast track program to taming your temper (a condensed version of our 28 Day Tame Your Temper Parenting Challenge).

Get professional support from qualified counsellors 7 days a week while you learn. 

What usually happens when you are seeing a counsellor once a week and you have a question? You have to wait until your next appointment. Not with this program you don't.

Jackie Hall and her team of professional, qualified counsellors will be with you every step of the way while you're implementing change to your life, 7 days per week through our closed Facebook group for Gold Members only.

Where else can you ask your counsellor questions when you get stuck AS problems arise that you don't know how to deal with?

​Jackie Hall in live Q&A Sessions


Nicknamed, “The Parent Whisperer” by her clients, Jackie Hall can help you get to the core of what’s really triggering your anger and teach you how to find your calm….so you can then teach it to your kids!

Jackie will hold your hand and work with you to get really in depth results as you work through the program. When you get stuck she’ll be there to push you through with her realness, empathy, non-judgement and talent for breaking through our tendency to ‘BS’ ourselves. She has personally experienced parental depression and anxiety, and has had to walk her own talk (and still does).

​Live Q&A Sessions with Jackie Hall will be held every 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month at 8.30pm AEST

Let’s Quickly recap everything you get with this special membership

Well, You Can Turn Those Dreams into Reality With Our 'Bring My Family Calm' Membership


Regular Gold Price





Or $470 upfront


  • All 12 programs
  • Downloadable for offline access
  • New program added every 3 months
  • All 5 Ebooks by Jackie Hall (in PDF or Kindle)
  • Access to Private Community (FB) with access to counsellors 7 days a week
  • Bi-Monthly webinars with Jackie Hall

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