One-on-One Counselling / Parental Coaching

Start Date: At your convenience

Time: 60 minute sessions

Alleviate Parental Stress, depression and anxiety with our one-on-one coaching and counselling sessions

Are you feeling overwhelmed by parenting?

Are you feeling stuck on how to handle your child’s behaviour?

Do you find parenting is like an emotional roller coaster for you? Loving it one day, hating it the next. Feeling tired, angry, guilty, resentful, depressed, anxious or generally stressed?

We have lots of programs that can help you with all of the above, however sometimes it’s just better to have someone work with you one-on-one – to help you to learn how to handle your personal challenges with parenting individually

If this is you, we can help.

What’s the difference between parental coaching and counselling?

Often these words are used interchangeably, but can differ in meaning from one person to another.

You might be a client who just needs a little direction, some strategies, some outside perspective and to work together with a parental coach to reach a desired outcome. This requires a more practical approach to the challenges you face.

You might be a client who needs some deeper understanding of what causes your emotions, how to resolve past issues that are effecting how you parent, and need help to feel more at ease with your parenting. You might be a parent who wants to deal with your parental stress, depression or anxiety, so we would counsel you through that first and then work on any strategies you may want to implement.

We do both! Every client is different and we integrate both counselling and coaching approaches when we help parents. You will often hear Jackie Hall say that whenever we are dealing with an issue with your child you are always talking about two issues – you and your response, and them and theirs, and we always need to work on these two topics separately.

This is what you’ll get when you work with the Parental Stress Centre one-on-one. We’ll help you feel more relaxed about parenting, and still deal with the challenges you’re facing with your children.

3 Ways we are different from traditional counselling/coaching sessions?


We don’t just spend your sessions talking about your feelings, problems or past issues. We teach you how to change. We’ve endlessly heard from clients who have spent hundreds of dollars on counselling sessions, only to feel worse when they leave because all they did was ‘roll in the mud’ of what was going wrong in their lives.

It can be important to talk about how we’re feeling, so we don’t ignore your feelings, however we teach you to understand how to alleviate those feelings with practical methods that teach you how to think and feel differently when faced with life’s challenges. We educate you on how to alleviate stress, depression, anxiety, guilt, anger, resentment and more so that they no longer have to dominate your life


In your very first sessions we will get a clear understanding of what’s happening for you and the change you wish to create, and we will create a plan that includes learning from our online programs. We will either allocate certain videos for you to watch, or put you on an online program where you can learn the information you need to change.

This is a fantastic way to teach you the skills you need without endless sessions teaching you theory. You learn in your time, then we’ll iron out your sticking points in our session times.

The best part is, access to these programs comes at no additional fee!


Have you ever left a counselling/coaching session and forgotten everything that was discussed and be left with very little idea on what you need to do to change? You were all inspired after finishing, and then had no idea how to maintain that feeling moments later.

That won’t happen with our sessions. Every session is recorded for you (unless you tell us otherwise), and sent to you to keep forever, and we will email you a summary of your session, outlining your homework for the week. That way you can remind yourself throughout the week, what you’re needing to work on.

Meet our coaches/counsellors

I know how you feel – that cycle of loving parenthood, hating parenthood and every emotion in between. The feelings of anger, guilt, self-criticism, don’t know who you are anymore and the desperation to get back to some sort of normality.

Jackie Hall //  Author, Qualified Counsellor and Founder of the Parental Stress Centre of Australia

Jackie specialises in:

  • Parental Stress, Depression & Anxiety Recovery
  • Child Behaviour Management and Repair of the Parent-Child Relationship (all ages)
  • Couples Counselling
  • Healing Past Trauma (EMDR trained)
  • Drug & Alcohol Addiction Recovery (currently collaborates with an AOD residential retreat)

I have been there. I have felt every one of those feelings, and I have learnt how to STOP them. In essence, I have had to walk my talk….and still do!

Over the last 10 years, I have counselled thousands of parents and other clients, and created numerous educational products to teach you how to stop the emotions that consume a lot of parents.

But sometimes you just need that more intimate, one-on-one support to customise this information and tailor it directly to your personal life experiences..

My name is Jackie Hall and I am a 5-time author and the founder of The Parental Stress Centre. I am a qualified counsellor who has worked with thousands of parents for 10 years. I have trained in retreats working with clients experiencing severe depression, anxiety, drug and alcohol addictions, as well as delivered workshops to thousands of parents all around Australia.

One thing that I hear from my clients over and over again, is that they have already tried many different mental health therapies with little or no change. Many complain that they only seem to continue to rehash the events of their past but are presented with no real solutions on how to handle the present.

Our clients often express that they have learnt more a one hour session with me than they have in years of therapy. With years of working with people endlessly, I have learn to cut through to the core of what’s triggering your stress very quickly, so you can understand why it makes perfect sense that stress or depression is in your life .

After that I will spend the rest of our time teaching you how to change and adopt new tools to think and feel differently so you can become the happy parent and person you’re aiming to be.

In fact, I guarantee, that if you don’t get anything out of our sessions, you can have your money back.

Counselling Session Pricing



/per session

  • 60 minute session
  • Access to resources to assist your learning (videos and pdfs)
  • Weekly homework to reach your goals
  • Recorded sessions for you to keep (optional)

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