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I was having exhausting, chaotic mornings trying to manage myself and the behavior of my then 7 year old and to lesser extent 12 year old. I was lacking connection, empathy and operating out of stress.  

Post programme, we are connected and in a good groove. I have compassion, empathy and understanding but am able to be firm about what needs to happen. I am unafraid to stop and deliver a life lesson. I can communicate in/out of context to help my children. We enjoy our mornings which are now calm and ordered and my now recently 8 year old son gets ready on his own. There is no resistance and lots of connection. I feel more happy and energised to start the day on the right foot.

With the roadmap the program has given me, I feel equipped to appropriately address whatever gets thrown my way.  I would highly recommend this program to any parent wishing for deeper connection with and understanding of their child and a smoother, more joy-filled existence.


Katrina  Estrelle

Sydney, Australia

The parent you'll become under the
guidance of PSC programs


A calmer, happier parent able to balance your emotions

No more flying off the handle or feeling completely consumed and overwhelmed with being a parent


A parent who's children are co-operative and respectful

You will know how to teach your children to chip in and help, get things done with little arguments and who treats you with the kindness and respect you show them.


A parent who has learnt to balance gentle parenting with boundaries

You will learn to be loving, kind and understanding without being a pushover 


A parent who feels confident, solution focussed and ready to tackle the inevitable challenges of raising children

You will know that there will be challenges face, but you won't personalise them. Instead you will be ready to learn, try new things and back yourself in what you've decided to implement.

Why the PSC is different to other parenting resources

Whenever we are working on challenges we have in parenting, we are always working with two separate issues - you and your behaviour/emotions and them (your children or partner) and theirs behaviours and emotions.

We don't just work with child behaviour, we take a holistic approach and work with the whole family dynamics, including how to alleviate your parental stress, depression and anxiety.

Jackie Hall - Founder of the Parental Stress
Centre of Australia 

When the student is ready, the teacher appears."

It's likely no accident that you've found the PSC when looking for the answers to alleviate your parental stress. 

We have had the privilege of working with over 20,000 parents over the last 11 years and we know that family difficulties are not always because of 'bad parenting'.   In fact, if you're here looking for help, chances are you are far from being a bad parent

Parents are often doing the best they can with the information they have and just don't know the pathway to change.  We're not here to judge anyone, but to educate those parents who want a proven pathway to bringing about the peace and calm they're looking for in themselves and their children.  

We provide real support, real solutions and no judgement ."

Let us help you in a way that suits your needs
...AND your budget

FREE mini challenges to help you get some perspective that will alleviate your stress

Click on the read more button below and join our closed facebook group where we run mini challenges every month targeting common challenges of being a parent.  Get an experience of how the PSC can help you in your parenting.

A range of 28 day to 9 week self-paced programs that help parents deal with specific behavioural issues and common challenges parents face

We have created a 'Help me with....'  series of programs targeting specific issues that you are feeling challenged by in your parenting, including programs to help you and your emotions, as well as your child's behaviour.  

Access ALL of our programs FOREVER!  Includes any new ones we create too.

Get lifetime access to all  of our self-paced 'help me with....' programs,  plus access to our 5 ebooks, counsellor support for 12 monhts AND access to anything new that we create FOR LIFE! This membership is designed to help you through ALL the challenges you are currently facing and will inevitably face as your children grow through their developmental stages.

90 day PERSONALISED parenting plans 

Want to get more of a hand holding experience from us?  Looking for something more personalised with support to help you find your calm, and help your kids through their challenges too?  Our 90 day personalised success plans will tailor a unique 12 week program specifically designed to meet you with your current challenges, plus you'll get our support from qualified counsellors while you follow your plan, every day if you want.  This package involves one-on-ones, small group webinars, online support and email support so that we are there to support you ever step of the way!

Anger Management for Parents
I regularly get angry at my kids. How can I change?
Successful Relationships
How can I improve my connections with my partner and others?
Child Behaviour Management
How can I understand my child’s behaviour, deal with it differently and teach them a healthy mindset for life?
Happy Parenting
How can I be a calmer, happier parent and avoid parental Stress?
Personal Peace
How do I work more on myself to feel more organised, relaxed and self-accepting? (Added under "Excerpt" section of the Personal Peace page)
Postnatal Depression and Anxiety
I am a mum or dad who has (or suspect I have) Postnatal Depression and/or anxiety. What do I do and how can I change?

Below is a snapshot of 
our different support options and what they entail

FREE Help for all parents

Become part of our closed Facebook group for help and support with how to overcome the challenges of raising kids.

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    Monthly  challenges to help you stay calm while  handling common parenting challenges. 
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    New topics each month
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     FREE Emails provided with workbooks or videos if needed by the challenge
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    Non-judgemental support
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    Support from Qualified counsellors and moderated by PSC staff


No Credit Card Required

Self-paced individual programs to tackle specific challenges
'Help me with...'

A series of self-paced program to help  you tackle general and specific challenges faced as a parent

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    Help me with my toddler
  • check
    Help me with everything - I'm overwhelmed
  • check
    Help me tame my temper
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    Help me with my child's defiance & not listening

PLUS more being added every month.  

Courses include:

  • Online videos
  • Online access forever
  • Downloadable material to watch offline
  • Bonus books that add even more value

Various prices

Lifetime access to ALL programs, including new ones

The DIY Bring my family calm & connection  package 

LIFETIME Access to all self-paced program PLUS access to any new programs, PLUS online counselling support for 6 months

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    8-week Stress Free Kids, Stress Free parents program 
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    28 Day Tame your Temper Parenting Challenge
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    28 Day Find my calm within the chaos challenge (for parents of babies/toddlers)
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    4 week Be the change program
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    12 week postnatal depression recovery program 
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    6-week Truce program (for relationships 
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    9-week Happy Mum program
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    21 Day Give me back my time program
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    5-week Adjusting to the Change program
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    Access to ALL NEW PROGRAMS FOREVER  (1 new program is added per month)
  • Professional support from PSC qualified counsellors  through our closed FB group for 12 months.  Value $880*
  • Bonus #1Access to all 5 Ebooks.  Value $60
  • Bonus #2:  Delivered in MP3 and PDF of transcript -  Why an investment in your personal growth IS an investment in your children    Value $24.95
  • Bonus #3:  Delivered in MP3 and PDF of transcript -  'When time becomes a dirty word: How our beliefs about time actually prevent us from having any' . Value $24.95

Total Value = $2,469.90*

*Based on access to all self-paced and live programs

Support value based on 8 hours on average of counselling support @ $110 per hour


$85 /month x 6

$497 upfront

Premium support package

The 90 day PERSONALISED parenting plan

* Maximum of 10 participants per 
3 month intake only

  • 3 x 1 : 1  Counselling sessions with a PSC trained and qualified counsellor, who will also be your counsellor for all support through the 90 days.  Value $330
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    12 x Weekly lesson plans uniquely tailored to to help you reach your goals, with links to each week's personalised module and homework tasks   Value $360Value $495
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    Unlimited email support from your personalised  PSC trained and qualified counsellor  Value $660*
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    Monthly webinar with Jackie Hall and participants of this group ( no more than 9 other people)  Value $330
  • 12 months Professional support from PSC qualified counsellors  through our closed FB group for members only   ValueValue $2500* $880
  • Life long access to all PSC programs plus any new programs that become available FOR LIFE!   Value $1380
  • Downloadable videos for offline access

Total Value = $5,​​560*

*Support value based on average of 6 hours  counselling support via email and 26 hours of support via facebook for 12 mnths @ $110 p/hr


$490 /month x 3*

$1,457 upfront
* Other payment plan arrangements can be made upon request