Discover How to Overcome Stress, Stop the Fits of Anger, eliminate overwhelm & Become Not Just a Better Mum … But a Much Happier One as Well!

If you ever feel like you are failing as a parent … or if you find yourself wondering if you doing the right things as you raise your child … there are two things you need to know:  

1) You are not alone – all mothers feel this way at one point or another …  


2) You’ve definitely come to the right place!  





Starts Monday 25th February, 2019


Jackie Hall and the Parental Stress Centre have been such a blessing to me and changed my life. Her programs are relevant, the support is amazing not only through the courses but afterwards also. She genuinely cares about the people enrolled and her passion is contagious. I'm so grateful for Jackie Hall and the Parental Stress Centre. I think everyone could learn something from Jackie and what she's teaching. Thank you Jackie for helping me to change my life.

Kylie Mate

Melbourne, VIC

"I threw a loaf of bread across the room and slammed a nearby knife on the kitchen bench so hard that it bounced off and narrowly missed my son’s head.

I screamed, “I HATE MY LIFE!!” and ran out of the kitchen into my bedroom crying uncontrollably…all with my 6 month old sitting on my hip.

Ever had one of 'those' moments? This is my story....

Jackie Hall - Counsellor, Mum of Two and Founder of the Parental Stress Centre of Australia 

Hi, my name is Jackie Hall and one thing I’ve learned over the past 11+ years that I have been working with parents is this:  

It’s completely natural to feel overwhelmed at times. In fact, I've been in intense overwhelm before, myself!

Parents today have so many balls in the air at one time, and we want to be good at all areas of our life - parenting, our work, our relationships, having meaning and purpose in our lives. 

With our time divided among so many things, it's very easy to become stressed over whether we're doing a good enough job, and then become reactive when we feel we're not. 

We worry we're not good enough, that our efforts aren't good enough. We worry we are working too much, or too little. We worry that we're ruining our children's lives. We worry if our child has learnt enough, eats enough, sleeps enough, is feeling loved enough.

All this worry, stress and overwhelm starts to cause us to feel overwhelmed, which can lead us to feeling anxious or depressed. These feelings also lead us to repetitive behavioural cycles, where we get angry, do or say something we instantly regret, feel guilty and then hate ourselves for our actions. 

Let me assure you this cycle is much, much more common than most of us are willing to admit. 

Even I've been there. In fact, 12 years ago, is when the PSC (Parental Stress Centre) was born - out of my very own breakdown.


As you read in my opening quote, I had multiple angry outbursts, but that one day, when I got so riled up, I slammed that knife down on the bench and it narrowly missed my son's head, then I screamed, “I HATE MY LIFE!” and ran out of the kitchen into my bedroom crying uncontrollably … all with my 6 month old sitting on my hip. THAT was my turning point. I realised that no one else could change how I felt about my life, only I could. 

It was from that day on that I began learning how to achieve more peace and calmness as a parent and by helping myself, I began teaching what I'd learnt to others and became the #1 online go to place to help stressed out mums, like me, to regain control of their lives.  

Now I've shared with you my story for a reason – because pretty much all mums have one or more of these moments like I did.  

And I know how you're feeling. You feel like a horrible person...You feel like you are failing your vow to change, but the next day, you still react and you end the day feeling guilty...again...and vow (again)....'Tomorrow, I will change'. It's a cycle I knew all too well. 

Thankfully though, there is a way out of that cycle and that's exactly what we do at the Parental Stress Centre. We help parents get better at handling the many stressors of parenthood.  

The truth is no fairy godmother is suddenly going to appear and suddenly make things change. Sometimes we need to learn a different way. You know what Einstein said, "The definition of insanity is doing the same thing again and again, and expecting a different result."  

Maybe it's time to make a decision to try something different and learn a new way to think, feel and handle the pressures of parenting, from someone who's had to walk her talk and who's now worked with over 20,000 parents to do the same.  

Changing is hard but it can be done when you have the right guidance and support. 

That's why I created...

This A+ Parenting Program – How to Be a Better, Calmer, Happier Mum

This 10-week program introduces an easy to use five-step process that you can rely on to overcome any challenge you face as a mum. You’ll learn:

  • How to eliminate stress and stop feeling overwhelmed
  • How to prevent depression and anxiety using simple strategies and techniques  
  • How to manage your anger and stop being reactive to your child’s behaviour
  • circle
    How to make time for yourself without feeling guilty
  • circle
    How to take a mountain of never-ending responsibilities and break them down into easily doable tasks
  • circle
    How to end useless and harmful self-criticism, guilt and doubt … forever!
  • circle
    How to understand your child and approach their challenging behaviour with a positive mindset
  • circle
    How to rediscover your self-confidence and dramatically increase your sense of worth - as a mum and as a woman
  • circle
    Plus, you’ll even learn how to reignite the passion and intimacy in your marriage 

At Last, a Comprehensive Parenting Program Created by a Mum who has personally had to walk her talk, who is also a professional Parental Counsellor... 

Take a Look at All That is Included in the Program: 

Read the Happy Mum Handbook together  

Each week we designate chapters of The HMH book to read together. 

As part of the program, we will send you the ebook and the audios of the chapters, so you can decide how you want to read.

(Option to purchase hardcopy of book too). 

Weekly Videos

Each week you will be given downloadable videos to watch (or listen to when multi-tasking) that will teach you how to alleviate stress that results during parenting. 

These videos can be watched (and downloaded) on your phone, ipad and laptop.  

Professional Support from TWO Counsellors EVERY DAY for 10 weeks!   

Imagine having two qualified counsellors at your beck and call every day for TEN WHOLE WEEKS?

Through our closed Facebook group, you will be able to ask questions and learn alongside other parents as you go through the program together! 
Don't know how to apply something you learned? No problem, we’ll be there to help.  


We understand how incredibly busy parents are today and will help you find pockets of time to do the course.

We'll help you create a customized schedule you can follow to get maximum results. 

Your schedule will break it all down into do-able chunks that work around the kids.  

Plus if you fall behind, all videos are downloadable to keep forever, and the support will be available for 3 months after the program finishes.


You’ll be joining like-minded mums in a supportive group environment. 

Program members learn from each other and hear the stories of other mothers who are on the same journey. 

You’ll be motivated and inspired during the 10 weeks to achieve success. 

You will never feel like you are being left on your own to learn.  

Now Here’s What the Program Covers;  

Each week progressively builds on the next, arming you with loads of tools, knowledge, in the moment tricks, long term strategies, and practical approaches for handling those chaotic situations with the kids, and in life


Understanding your emotions and learning how to manage them

By the end of week one the most common response is, “It’s like you’ve jumped into my head. This is me! I can see that I’m going to learn SO much from this program!"

You will learn:

  • How to understand the thinking behind your emotions and where that thinking comes from  
  • How to identify negative thought patterns that are leading to angry or emotional outbursts  
  • How to pull your attention away from your thoughts of past or future and back into the present and why that is so important to be able to do  
  • The link between how you think and how you feel and why it makes perfect sense for stress and emotional reactions to show up in your life  

How to feel good first, and parent from there

By the end of week two you will begin to realise that you CAN take control over the thoughts keeping you stuck and consumed, you just need practice and experience (that’s what the next 7 weeks are for!)

You will learn:

  • How to start changing that ‘story’ you tell yourself about life 
  • How to begin dealing with life’s ups and downs 
  • How to stop ONLY seeing everything in your life as bad or wrong

    Finding the hidden good in the bad and letting go of the past

    By the end of week three you will know how to find the hidden good in the bad and how to understand some of the thinking behind unwanted behaviour – yours and others.

    You will learn:

    • Learn how to find value or opportunity in the challenging times you face so they don’t consume you.
    • Answer the age-old question – ‘Why do they do that?” You'll learn why you or others do things when they logically know they shouldn’t, including why your child behaves the way they do.

    Finding your self-worth

    By the end of Week Four you will find that already there has been a dramatic increase in how you feel about yourself and about your role as a parent.

    You will learn:

    • The difference between stress, depression and anxiety, and the different thought processes attached to each of them. 
    • How this negative mindset plays out in your life. 
    • How to increase your sense of self-worth 
    • How to challenge that “I’m such a failure” or “I’m not good enough” thinking


    Take a break to reflect, practice and catch up

    Here you’ll reflect on what you’ve learned and focus on implementing it in your life – while still giving you huge amounts of support through this week.

    You will learn:

    • In our support group we will focus on honing in on those sticking points and putting emphasis on helping you find evidence of the new way of thinking and how to apply it to your specific circumstances.

    • Or if you've fallen a bit behind, this is your chance to catch up, or to practice some more


    Dealing with child behaviour

    By the end of Week Six you will find that your relationship with your child has taken a significant turn for the better (if it hasn’t already done so already).  You'll be better able to jump out of the world of you and understand the world of your child, why they behave the way they do and how to improve their behaviour.

    You will learn:

    • How to understand the thinking that's going on behind your child’s behaviour 
    • What’s going on in your child’s brain development to help you set realistic expectations 
    • How to communicate and negotiate effectively with your child to decrease conflict, backchat, diffuse anger and improve your relationship with your child


    Diffusing your anger and finding your lost identity

    By the end of week seven you will really understand what triggers you to fly off the handle, even though you really want to stay calm. But more importantly, you’ll know what to do to stop.

    You will learn:

    • How to better understand and change the specific thinking that triggers anger. 
    • Why you feel you’ve lost yourself in the parenting role and how to find (or re-define) yourself now.


    Time Management & getting time out

    By the end of week eight you will feel organised and able to be in the present moment, knowing that all other areas of your life are accounted for at other times in your schedule.

    You will learn:

    • The thinking behind time stress and how it’s affecting you 
    • How to make time out a priority. Plus, how to avoid feeling like you're getting nothing done. 
    • How to use our 5 step TRACK process to re-prioritise and create a schedule that incorporates everything you want to do with everything you need to do.


    Improving your relationships (marital or others)

    By the end of week nine you will understand why the dynamics in your relationships exist. You'll have learnt the tools to begin changing and improving your relationships.

    For those who don’t have partners, this will be a HUGE insight into past relationships as well as help you improve the relationships you have with anyone.

    You will learn:

    • How to better understand the dynamics between you and your partner. 
    • Why it makes sense that the two of you are at where you are. 
    • How men and women speak to each other in different ways and how you can use this information to improve and change your relationship. 
    • How to communicate, negotiate and compromise without it ending in an argument. 
    • How to understand the difference in your beliefs/thinking and how that is contributing to the conflict in your relationship.


    Pulling it all together for long lasting change 

    This is our final week where we remind you how to pull all of this together and apply what you've learnt to all situations. It's your last week to also fine tune any 'sticking' points and really take advantage of all that support you have access to.

    You will learn:

    • The key points to focus on as you continue through life (and your parenting experience)

    Sign up now and Save! You'll need to hurry though, as these are the final days..

    Starts on Monday 25th February, 2019



    JACKIE HALL - Founder of The PSC & Qualified Counsellor

    My name is Jackie Hall and I am the Founder of the Parental Stress Centre as well as a qualified counsellor, 5-time international author, mother of two and ex screamer who has had to walk her own talk. 

    As you read above, I have lived that cycle of loving motherhood, hating motherhood, getting angry, losing it with the kids, seeing the look of fear on their faces and then hating myself for behaving this way.

    I have lived promising myself that everyday would be different only to get up and react the same way again.

    Nothing you learn from me will ever be taught from any pedestal of perfection. Our motto is Real support, real solutions and no judgements and I stand by that commitment. 

    I’ve worked with over 20,000 parents over the last decade teaching them how to manage their own mindset and emotions, as well as their child's, and how to create harmonious relationships with their kids.   I have also worked extensively offline, helping clients with severe depression, anxiety and drug & alcohol addictions.

    My programs are always designed to give you quick results that will last the long term, providing you keep applying the tools you're learning (as we know repetition and consistency is how the brain learns). 

    I am so excited to bring you this comprehensive program that's going to completely transform how you think, how you feel and how your react to your children.

    After this program, your parenting will NEVER be the same again!

    DONNA SPITTLES, Bachelor Qualified Counsellor

    My name is Donna Spittles and I am a Mum to two young children and a Counsellor working on the Sunshine Coast.

    Before I became a parent I had worked with families and children for many years both as a carer and then as a Counsellor. I had very strong values and ideas about how I wanted to raise my children and what an ideal parent looked like.

    What I hadn't realised is what a huge impact the beliefs I had formed throughout my life would have on my good parenting intentions.

    My parenting just didn't match the ideal image I had in my head and I very quickly fell in to a cycle of stress and depression.

    I didn't cope with having bad days or being human. Through my training and experience as a Bachelor Qualified Counsellor I was able to reflect on my beliefs and behaviour and change my mindset but I also realised not all parents have the benefit of qualifications and experience in interpreting human behaviour.

    Taking what I had learned through my professional and personal experience to stressed out parents, children and families became my passion and has been my work for the last few years.

    I am so thankful that the PSC exists and parents don't have to struggle and work it out on their own like I did. I feel privileged to become part of the PSC team and I am excited to support clients using Jackie's amazing programs.

    I work out of the values of compassion, trust and liberation and I am looking forward to continuing to support the well-being of parents and families. 

    What Is the Cost of this program?

    So how much would you expect to pay for advice and information that quite literally could change your life by allowing you to finally become the parent you’ve always wanted to be … a parent who is able to manage her emotions, is able to form a strong bond with her child and who is able to raise a child who is polite and cooperative?  

    Certainly, even thousands of dollars would not be unreasonable to many considering the amazing benefits this program delivers and the personalised support from two counsellors everyday for 10 weeks. 

    But relax you won’t have to pay near that much for The Happy Mum Program.  

    We want this program to be available to as many mums as possible and that’s why we’ve cut the price to the bare minimum possible …  




    Sign up now for just $25 a week!  

    That’s right, sign up now and you’ll gain access to the complete 10-week program – which includes the Happy Mum book, the videos and the expert counseling – all for just $25 a week.  

    Remember, you’ll have access to two professionally-trained, highly qualified counselors for a fraction of what ten x 1 hour counselling sessions would cost you – and keep in mind that would be with only one counsellor. 

    Rest assured you will finish this program feeling like you should have paid 10 times the amount we are charging.

    There’s no way around it, this is an amazing price for all that you get with this program!

    Look at it this way: 

    • If you stay in your current emotional place, what will it cost you personally over the next year, two years or ten years?

    • How much is it worth to improve the relationship with your kids to be more loving and connected?

    • How much is it worth to you to feel good about yourself? 

    • How much is it worth to feel more organised, get more time for yourself, and bring some balance to your life? 

    • How much is it worth to get out of that vicious cycle of anger, guilt, self-hatred, watching the fear in your child's face and feeling like a failure every day?  

    • Now think about what you are currently spending $25 on a week? Are you buying a bottle or two of wine? Are you buying daily coffees? Are you eating fast food or getting junk food at the grocery store?  

    • Isn’t your relationship with your child more important?  

    • This is your chance to not just change your own life and increase your own happiness but to also do the same for your child. Think of the amazing life he or she could have if they are guided by a calm, patient, understanding mum.  

    • That’s how important this program is. It will change you and your family forever. You WILL see the changes in yourself. I guarantee it.  

    • In fact, invest in this program, and if you don't see those changes, we will give you your money back!!  

    With My Unconditional 100% Money-Back Guarantee, You’ve Got Absolutely Nothing to Lose! 

    I am so sure that you will love The Happy Mum Program that I am offering an unconditional 100% money-back guarantee.  

    If you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, simply notify me within the first 30 days and I will refund your money, in full, with absolutely no questions asked!

    Video Testimonials of others who've loved this program!

    Skye - Mum of Two, Australia

    Kelly - Mum of two special needs children
    Sydney, Australia

    Kara - Mum of Two

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