Getting to know the PNDR Program


How the Postpartum Depression Recovery program works

  1. Each week contains daily lessons for you to read.  These daily lessons will only require a maximum of 15-20 minutes per day, except for the 7th day of each week, which is exercise day.  Exercise day is about applying the knowledge that you have learnt over the week.  This day will sometimes require a little longer (approximately 1 hour or less).
  2. Every day you will receive motivational emails from us to encourage, motivate and inspire you to log in to your daily lesson.  When you signed up for this program you would have received an email titled ‘IMPORTANT! Please confirm your PNDR program email subscription’.  It’s really important, if you haven’t done so already, to confirm your by clicking on the link provided in this email so that you can begin receiving these daily emails.  Also, please make sure that you whitelist us, so that we don’t get sent to your junk mail.
  3. During this program, you will continually have access to our Q&A Forum where you can come and ask any questions you may have about the program. Sometimes the examples used in lessons do not reflect your particular situation, so we have designed this forum so that you are always supported and know how to use the methods taught in the context of your unique situation.  By using this forum you will always know how these methods apply to your life.   The other advantage to the Q&A Forum is that you are able to view other members’ questions and answers.  You may just find that your question has already been asked by someone else and the answers are there waiting for you. In this forum you can also share your ‘wins’ and post any realisations, progress and insights you have received from the program in the ‘Weekly realisations’ section of the forum.
  4. If you have a sensitive question that you don’t wish to share on the membership forum, then you have the option of sending an email to . Remember though, it  can often be very beneficial to post these questions on the forum, as you may just be helping another mum who has exactly the same problems as you.  She may feel like she is not alone knowing someone else shares her feelings.
  5. The Postpartum Depression Recovery program runs for 12 weeks.  After this  12 weeks you will have learnt how to change your thinking and stop your stress, depression and anxiety.  But it doesn’t have to end there because you can then opt to continue with our support and go onto our $49 per month plan, where every month you will be sent a topic to work on.  You will learn how to apply what you have just learnt over the 12weeks to that topic. For example, you will learn how to work on your relationship, create a time management plan, redefine your lost identity, work on behavioural or developmental challenges with your child etc. Of course, you will also have full access to the Q&A Forum, all of the 12weeks of lessons and any previous month’s topics.  It is recommended that you stay a member of for a period of 12 months, so that you can continue to get the support and motivation needed to make some big changes to your life.

How to get the most out of the Postpartum Depression Recovery Program

  1. Allocate time each day where you can allow up to 30 minutes to read your daily lesson.
  2. It’s best not to begin reading at night while you are tired as you are less likely to retain the information as easily as when you are feeling fresh.  Perhaps you could wake up 30minutes earlier than you normally do, or align a time with your partner when he comes home from work to hide yourself away in your bedroom or study to read without being interrupted.  Perhaps you could wait for your children to have their morning nap. It is best (but not essential) if you can make it the same time of day so this learning becomes a habit and you don’t forget.
  3. Start the program so that your 7th day (exercise day) falls on a day where you are more likely to find the time you need to complete the exercises, for example, on the weekend when your partner or a friend/relative might be available to help you with the kids while you spend the time alone.
  4. Finally, in order to get the most out of this program you must DO the exercises and APPLY the information.  Change never comes from theory alone.  It comes from action.  Your experiential lessons will be the most powerful ones that are more likely to stay with you and become a new formed habit of thinking.  So make a commitment to yourself to really apply this method in as many ways as possible so that you can finally become the person you’d like to be.

Remember if you have any questions, please submit them to  the Q&A Forum or email us at