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How to Become A Calm, Cool & Connected Parent
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Starts Tuesday 1st January, 2019



Welcome to our FREE 5 day Challenge designed to help you

leave anger, frustration, impatience and struggle behind

and embrace a new way to parent!

We're all motivated to turn over a new leaf and make the new year much better than the year before, and we want to help you do this in a parental and personal context.


The Find My Calm in 5 Days Challenge is designed to teach you HOW you really can find your calm in parenting, without needing to wait for circumstances to be 'right' or meet your expectations.

The reality of being a parent is that there are lots of anomalies to contend with and very often, life doesn't go to plan so if we have to wait for life to go our way before we can feel calm, it will never happen!

This challenge is going to teach you that you can find your calm regardless of what's going on with the kids or within your life. 

After all, isn't that what we want? 

We know that life doesn't always go to plan, and that's okay.  Variety is the spice of life.

But how can we stop getting sucked down into stress, depression, anxiety, fear or other energy sucking emotions while in the middle of challenging situations - whether that be challenges with your child or challenges in general?

That's exactly what this challenge aims to teach you.

What will I learn in these five days?


What is it that really triggers your stress?

The experiences we face SEEM to be the source, but doesn't that mean everyone would react to your same experiences in the same way? Wouldn't you respond the exact same way with the same intensity every single time if it were directly the event triggering your emotions?

This lesson teaches you what's at the source of your emotions of stress.


 How to Parent in today's world with a balance of discipline and love

There are elements we love about the old school of parenting, but many things we feel are too harsh. There are many things we love about the new school, but feel some ways are too soft. This lesson gives you direction on how you can blend these two extremes of parenting, so that you have a balanced and effective parental approach to raising your kids.


Why are they doing that?

Day Three's lesson gets you to jump out of the world of you and into the world of your child What must THEY be thinking to be behaving this way?

Want to know how to deal with your child's behaviour? Start by understanding three factors that trigger your child's behaviour in the first place.

Then you will be taking the action that TEACHES your child to behave differently rather than just trying to control or stop their behaviour.


How is the world of your relationships?

Kids aren't the only trigger to stress. In fact, after working on understanding your child's behaviour, often parents realise that the kids are fine. It's other external factors that we need to work on, like our marital relationship, or relationships with others that trigger our stress...that we end up taking out on our children.

Today we discuss what's going on at the heart of your relationships that causing you emotions of stress.


Wanting to change your life, but not knowing how.

Sometimes creating change can feel like too big a task. The kids are too overwhelming, I've got too much 'baggage' to shift through. My relationships are too complicated.

When it feels too hard, we want to do nothing. But 2019 is not the year to do nothing. It's time to step out of that story and DO something different.

This lesson will inspire you, motivate you and get you focussed on walking those incremental steps that lead to the change you're looking for.

Get ready! Life can and will change after this lesson.


Jackie Hall and the Parental Stress Centre have been such a blessing to me

Jackie Hall and the Parental Stress Centre have been such a blessing to me and changed my life. Her programs are relevant, the support is amazing not only through the courses but afterwards also. She genuinely cares about the people enrolled and her passion is contagious. I'm so grateful for Jackie Hall and the Parental Stress Centre. I think everyone could learn something from Jackie and what she's teaching. Thank you Jackie for helping me to change my life.

Kylie Mate

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