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Congratulations on finding this site!

Because let me tell you, it was no accident. Finally you are going to find REAL answers for overcoming and preventing your postnatal depression.

I’m sure by now you have gone through many other websites that tell you about postnatal depression symptoms, the available postnatal depression treatments and pages of information and ‘tips’ that help you to ‘manage’ your depression.

Quite possibly you have already been to counsellors who have dragged up your sordid past over and over again, providing minimal tools for you to actually change.

Now your looking for REAL answers! Not answers on how to manage your postnatal depression, but how to stop it…..permanently.

You’re looking for genuine ways to press STOP on that emotional rollercoaster ride of loving motherhood one minute, hating it the next and in between feeling angry, guilty, worth-less and hating yourself for every mistake that you make.

I know, because I’ve been there too.

If this is you, then you need to click on the Postpartum Depression Recovery Program to find out exactly why this program will be for exactly what you are looking for.

Alternatively you can check out my BLOG that will give you even more ‘tips’ and information to read while you are learnig about me and waiting to take some REAL action towards your postnatal depression recovery.

Because here’s what one of our recent members, Kara had to say:

“I’ve just completed week 4 and it’s given me so much hope that I can finally take responsibility for my thoughts and get better. Counselling seemed like dragging up issues, and medication felt like masking the pain. Finally something practical that I can use. I love how it is broken down into manageable sections and literally takes 5 minutes a day. Zac sat next to me and played happily with his cars while I completed the lesson – that’s how easy it is to find the time.”

I know that it can be daunting to buy just any products online, especially if it’s a product claiming to give you answers to your PND, when you have already tried so much.

But check out my blogs, get to know the Postpartum Depression Recovery Program ¬†and why this is such a great, affordable and practical resource for you, and check us out on Facebook for daily inspiration (it’s called Self Help for Mums).

If you’re not ready to sign up as our member and learn how to recover permanently from Postpartum depression, that’s okay. I know you soon will be once you get to know us a bit better.

I am here to help you stop Postpartum Depression and I look forward to getting to know you better.

Have a great day!
Jackie Hall